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The boy that works the graveyard shift at Wendys is my new obsession.

28 Jun

Billy Mays died. That was pretty shocking, definitely not the first thing I wanted to see when I saw the MSN homepage on my computer. Who’s going to yell at us and tell us to buy Oxiclean (or whatever it is) now?!

I went to Disneyland with my dad and sister yesterday. It was my dad’s birthday so he got in free and he upgraded to the same ticket me and my sister got so we get to go back two more times within 45 days and we can go to either park and that’s just all really awesome.

It was pretty hot yesterday, especially after walking forever from place to place. My dad got pretty pissed off at one of the guys working at the matterhorn because he was being pretty gay. I thought my sister got a heart attack while on that ride but it turns out she actually liked it. She liked Indiana Jones & Pirates of the Carribean too but they were far more “boring” than the matterhorn.

Some guy didn’t want his fast pass for Space Mountain so I was like… I’ll take it LOL. I was surprised no one else grabbed it before me.

Anywho, my last ride was supposed to be Splash Mountain. Which was closed temporarily for technical difficulties. Which the lady told us was probably caused by some stupid animal not singing.

Sorry, I go on the ride for the drops and all that, not for the stupid singing by some stupid fake animals singing.

We had a late dinner at Wendys after that. Normally I have a problem when a guy’s taking my order and I think he’s cute. I lose my ability to speak and comprehend. That didn’t happen last night because I was so exhausted to the extent that I really couldn’t feel much anymore. So we ordered our food. And my sister, who always gets the kids meal, wanted to hold off on the frosty until she was finished eating so we wouldn’t have this cup of gross, melted vanilla shit.

And the guy was uber adorable when I asked. And then he came back with two frostys. And I was blown away.

I’m pretty lame right?

I think it’s really cute when the guy that works the graveyard shift at Wendys gives me an extra frosty with a cute smile.

I really need to have something take all this off my mind. I am like lame to the 23592365th power.

Now I’m talking in mathematical terms. Even more lame. FML



26 Jun

I enjoy spending my mornings reading about other spazzes who are scared as hell they won’t get into their first choice schools. It just so happens that this forum I frequent – while sipping on my morning coffee – is filled with pessimists and cynics that quite frankly don’t think anyone is good for any school.

The full extent of this lameness? They form clubs depending on their SAT scores. Oh yes. There’s the “2200  club,” “2300 club,” and oh-so-exclusive “2400 club” that everyone hates on because face it, not everyone can get 800s and 2400s on their SATs.

When I first found this forum, I thought I found a place where I could ask questions and get answers. I don’t have an older sibling I can ask for this sort of information, y’know? I guess there are some people that will spare you a bit of their valuable time to answer your mundane questions, but most of the time, it is left unanswered. I’m not gonna completely hate on this site because I’ve learned a lot that I didn’t know before. HOWEVER, it kinda ticks me off when people say the only exceptional extracurricular activities that will get you into an ivy league school/MIT/johns hopkins/etc.  is finding a cure for cancer or being in the top 10 of international rankings for a certain academic subject. (I didn’t even know the latter existed, and even if it did, how can some high school kid make the list when there are all sorts of geniuses out there with doctorates doing research at some state-of-the-art facility?)

I’m not gonna lie – I’ve been thinking about college an awful lot for someone with excellent chances of getting into really great, top-notch 4-year universities. In fact, I had nightmares and slept really poorly after thinking about all of that a little too much.

Okay! I admit it, I’m probably going a little nuts, but that’s okay. My future’s important to me and I want to do everything in my power to make sure things work out how I plan.

I’m not like all those other asian kids with parents that bug the living shit out of them, telling them to study and what not. I’m 150% self-motivated and determined to achieve more for myself than my parents were capable (but unable) of doing. My parents are really hardworking people who lost out on a lot of opportunities and sacrificed a lot to get me to where I’m at. They may not be pushing me on a day-to-day basis because they prefer for me to be happy rather than for me to work my ass off and die 20 years earlier from stress.

But I owe something to them, for all they’ve done.


Since my dad found out his sister (my aunt…I think) has carcinoma, he’s going to China to visit her. He’s pretty shaken by all of this too considering she sorta just woke up one day and had these malignant tumors growing in her pharynx and larynx.

We were supposed to go to San Francisco on vacation, but now, it looks like plans are gonna change. My mom, sister, and I are probably gonna go to the east coast & stay with some family friends for the same week my dad is gone. I haven’t been up there since I lived there a couple years ago, so that should be fun. If it works out at all.

For some reason, vacation plans tend to blow up in my face. I just want to catch a break. Gosh.

It’s my dad’s birthday tomorrow, so we get to go to Disneyland for free! Definitely looking forward to that.

Until then, hoping all this college stuff blows over so I can get refocused on the here and now.

Oh, and last thing…I almost forgot. My school’s vice principal called and told me I had a scheduling conflict for next year, which sucks like no other. Either I have to give up finally making the top orchestra at school, or I have to give up one of my only 2 AP’s next year. I’m pretty sure admissions officers will be disappointed if they see 3 AP’s for sophomore year and only 1 junior year, right? FML


25 Jun

That’s my SAT II bio score.

I don’t know to be happy or to be disappointed. Like I’m trying to stop that constant train of thought all nerds like me have: “OMFG SPAZZZ, I GOT A 740 AND NOT AN 800 WTF.” I mean, it could be a lot worse because there are still plenty of people who are like “OMFG SPAZZZ, I GOT A 790 AND NOT AN 800 WTF.” That kinda irritates me. I mean, a 740 is really bad for someone who took AP bio, you know? I don’t know, I didn’t prepare but it’s still just like.. I expected more from myself.

Now, I’m extremely nervous to get back my AP test scores. I wasn’t before, but I am now. I just want to pass and I just want to go to college. THAT’S ALL I’M ASKING FOR!

Speaking of college, I had a lengthy discussion with my mother today on the topic of college. We sort of decided on a bunch of things, until daddy came home and decided that everything we planned was totally retarded. Well, maybe I’m being a little overdramatic. Still… my dad has this way of not supporting some of the things I decide, while insisting that I grow up and make my own decisions. I hate double standards.

As I’m sure you’ve all heard, Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died today. RIP, man. Such tragedy. I might watch the Farrah Fawcett special on ABC tonight because I really feel for Ryan O’Neal. They never even got to get married, you know? And Michael Jackson… I don’t know, I’m not gonna lie and say he was always a really great person because face it, he made some pretty shitty mistakes later on in his life. But I’m not gonna say he never did anything good with his life. His early music was absolutely amazing, you know? Especially his stuff with the Jackson 5.

Before I leave you, here’s a little something that you might like. I can’t stand the thought of leaving all you guys who are reading this (probably nobody!) with sadness. (And I guess I’m into that whole shameless self-promotion sort of thing.)

My sister and I enjoy goofing around when our parents are both out. She’s the only one I would ever babysit 🙂 Don’t be mean and rate the video down. She’s just a kid :/

First post!/ebay really sucks.

24 Jun

First off, I thought I’d say a quick hello and actually acknowledge that this is my first post on yet another blogging site. You would think that I would just stop making new blogs and keep using the old ones. I don’t know, I guess I get tired of things really easily.

As for the bipolar-ish title, get used to it. I’m used to cramming a lot of thoughts into one post.


I waited a couple of days to bid (on ebay) on this one textbook I needed for school. But people set up these stupid little maximum bid things and so basically, you get outbid in the last couple of seconds. I basically got outbid in the last 3 seconds, which isn’t nearly enough time for me to bid back and be successful. Oh darned. I mean, I could get the book on for like $80, but the winning bid on the ebay book was $51… which is extremely irritating. So I sorta lost quite a bit of money there. Oh geez.

I realized yesterday that when I’m older, I’m probably gonna be one of those people who need a sexy blackberry with unlimited data, email, text… basically unlimited everything. It’s not even funny how often I check my email and twitter every day.

Hmm… I wonder how many people are actually gonna read this blog.