The boy that works the graveyard shift at Wendys is my new obsession.

28 Jun

Billy Mays died. That was pretty shocking, definitely not the first thing I wanted to see when I saw the MSN homepage on my computer. Who’s going to yell at us and tell us to buy Oxiclean (or whatever it is) now?!

I went to Disneyland with my dad and sister yesterday. It was my dad’s birthday so he got in free and he upgraded to the same ticket me and my sister got so we get to go back two more times within 45 days and we can go to either park and that’s just all really awesome.

It was pretty hot yesterday, especially after walking forever from place to place. My dad got pretty pissed off at one of the guys working at the matterhorn because he was being pretty gay. I thought my sister got a heart attack while on that ride but it turns out she actually liked it. She liked Indiana Jones & Pirates of the Carribean too but they were far more “boring” than the matterhorn.

Some guy didn’t want his fast pass for Space Mountain so I was like… I’ll take it LOL. I was surprised no one else grabbed it before me.

Anywho, my last ride was supposed to be Splash Mountain. Which was closed temporarily for technical difficulties. Which the lady told us was probably caused by some stupid animal not singing.

Sorry, I go on the ride for the drops and all that, not for the stupid singing by some stupid fake animals singing.

We had a late dinner at Wendys after that. Normally I have a problem when a guy’s taking my order and I think he’s cute. I lose my ability to speak and comprehend. That didn’t happen last night because I was so exhausted to the extent that I really couldn’t feel much anymore. So we ordered our food. And my sister, who always gets the kids meal, wanted to hold off on the frosty until she was finished eating so we wouldn’t have this cup of gross, melted vanilla shit.

And the guy was uber adorable when I asked. And then he came back with two frostys. And I was blown away.

I’m pretty lame right?

I think it’s really cute when the guy that works the graveyard shift at Wendys gives me an extra frosty with a cute smile.

I really need to have something take all this off my mind. I am like lame to the 23592365th power.

Now I’m talking in mathematical terms. Even more lame. FML

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