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Woaaah, it’s been a while since I posted.

25 Jul

I’m trying to force myself to do my summer assignments and study for SATs like a good asian. But it’s kinda hard since I spent all last year studying and now I have to do it during my summer too. I mean, it’s summer, who gives a shit about the American Revolution? (No offense, George Washington.)

Nothing uber excited has occured since my last post.

Well nothing except…


I MET ERIC HUTCHINSON. (I don't know who the woman in the background is, his meet & greet was rather crowded. Beggers can't be choosers.)

 Ummm, yeah since I don’t think any of my friends actually read this highly embarrassing blog, I’m just gonna put it all out there.

This boy is an amazing performer, musicial, and even comedian. I saw him in concert at the House of Blues on Wednesday, and it was my first real concert. I went alone since it was kind of a last minute decision to even go.

I was alone the whole night and I still enjoyed myself, so that kinda says something about teh guy.

He is just talented as all hell, I am uber jealous. He’s not horrific looking either, despite this picture. (Cut the guy some slack, he’s been out on tour nonstop and flying here and there and performing almost every night for a few weeks now.) His show was FULL of energy and totally gets you into the music.

I have to admit, I am in love with Eric Hutchinson.

And evidently, so are a majority of the other chicks at the show.

Ohhh darn. I guess I’ll just admire from afar…very likely at his next show in the OC 🙂



12 Jul

Actually, I have no idea how well I did on them darned things. I got all 5’s, so I’m happy. No complaints!

Though I wish I could see my raw score and see what I missed and what my raw score was.

Whatever. Now I can live through my whole life telling myself I got 5’s on my AP euro, chem, and bio tests, and I probably got close to perfect raw scores too 😉 even though I most certainly did not.

That’s about the highlight of summer. I’ve been to Disneyland twice so far, and tomorrow I’m going to the water park with my mom and sister. That should be fun, considering SoCal is burning up. It is absolutely STIFLING out here. I expect this kind of weather from California, but I honestly don’t think it was as hot last year as it is this year.

Ummm, there’s not much else. Things have been really dull. My dad’s out of town so basically my mom’s taking my sister and I everywhere so we’re not always sitting at home on the computer and/or watching TV. Which we do anyways. But my parents owe me after yet another summer of planning a vacation and those plans not coming through because of…whatever. Something always gets in the way.

Oh, and I have shitloads of summer assignments, which is really ridiculous. I’m not really against reading but when you’re gonna assign all this shit to do, it really takes the fun out of reading. I would probably read more if there wasn’t an assignment and I could just read whatever for the hell of reading. Like I would at least read Harry Potter or go to the library and try and find something.

Or read something off wikipedia.

You can learn a lot on that site, did you know that?

I bet you did.

It’s not just for last-minute school project research anymore.