8 Aug

Soooo, I felt bad for not posting in so long on a blog that no one reads. LAME, RIGHT?!

Nothing exciting since has happened, though I did finally complete drivers ed (about a year later than I had planned, HAHA) and will be testing for my permit on TUESDAY. Monday, I have to go see the eye doctor who will tell me I’m blind and stop wasting excessive amounts of time on the computer and doing homework wee into the night.

Yes, I know, my summer is turning out to be the wild party that I anticipated.

So for APUSH, we have to pick a book to read over the summer and do a journal and all that jazz. The book’s looks slightly intimidating because who wants to read a 400-some-odd-page book about US history? Wellll, let’s just say you can be surprised by what kind of lame shit you enjoy.

I seriously started reading the book about a week and a half ago. Before that time, I’d only been reading at a very slow pace.

If it weren’t for the journal, I would’ve been long done with this book a long time ago. Taking notes on the side is really irritating but whatever, you have to do it.

Anywho, I was shocked by how much I liked the book. Last summer, for AP euro, I read a book about English society the summer before World War I. It was a fabulous book, and I really genuinely enjoyed it. I didn’t expect the same for 1776 because I simply do not find US history as exciting as European history.

1776 came out in 2005, and I remember reading about how it was on top of a lot of  bestseller lists. Of course, I was in elementary school at the time and no duh, I wasn’t going to read it. I thought I’d give it a shot…if so many people were interested in this, how bad could it be?

Most of the book is about military strategy. You can get really confused over the locations of everything and the commanders and stuff because you don’t know whether they’re British or American. Otherwise, I found the book highly insightful. It was so different from the crap I have to read for AP lang, which is all deep, moving literature. I don’t do deep and moving; I do facts and stats. Clearly, 1776 is a much better book for me than, oh I don’t know, THEIR EYES WERE WATCHING GOD, which I think is the most annoying book in the world. (The dialects are absolutely impossible to read through, ugh!)

Now I have to do all these book notes from the APUSH textbook, along with lots of other things that I’ve put off until now.

Today is August 8th. I have a month and two days to complete everything.


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