Tyra Banks is pretty weird.

23 Oct

I was watching the Tyra Show. It’s a pretty bad show. Lots of really awkward silences when the person who’s being interviewed is crying about something really menial.

Like today, it was about women who don’t feel confident in their appearances and keep beating themselves up for being ugly.

I love Tyra; I think she’s great, and the message in today’s show certainly is a important. I’m all for sharing everything ugly about myself, and I wish everyone else was too.

But some of the guests that were on today were just… wow. Like this one girl got hysterical when the producers asked her to wipe off her makeup.

-_- no really, she started sobbing. It was horrible. Just wipe that shit off your face woman. You don’t look bad without your concealer and foundation and whatever. Gooooodness. She said she had scars. I didn’t see any scars. They must be some really unnoticeable scars.

She had like acne and stuff, I guess… except that probably has more to do with her overused makeup, not her shitty genetics.

Things are really getting better. I’m glad. I know I could’ve probably taken the easy way out, and I could’ve just given up without putting up a fight. But that’s something I just cannot do. And I understand that. He’s staying away. But I don’t really think that’s because he understands too. I think it’s just because he still can’t bring himself to talk to me, and it’s getting harder now that I’ve blocked all ways of communication through a computer. And he still might be a little mad at me. I think I’m so numb to all of this that I don’t even care. I used to love him to death, and now it’s just… bleh. Another face, another place.

I’ve been getting to sleep earlier. It’s been nice, but for some reason, sleeping earlier makes me want to wake up even later. I’m more awake after five hours of sleep versus seven or eight hours. I don’t know why.

Today, we had a sub in APUSH and we messed around the whole time. Now I have a lot of homework for that class but whatever, it was so worth it. Jonathan taught me how to play Mafia. So like 10-12 of us were in the back of the room playing a bunch of rounds. It was kinda fail… No, it started off being really fail. It kinda ended really fail too. But it was fun. Once I was the cop, and I “investigated” one of the mafia except I was killed that night so I didn’t get to accuse the guy that killed me >:o And then once, it was a make-or-break round and this guy wouldn’t vote for the guy I accused and instead voted to kill me and like wtf… yeah. I was a civilian. WTF KID, I WAS THE CIVILIAN. YOU JUST LET THE MAFIA WIN.

Yeah, it was a lot of fun.

Speaking of APUSH…

Though this kind of departs from APUSH…

I think I’m going to ask this person to homecoming. I don’t know how serious I want to be about it. I asked someone last year but it was like… haha yeah. It’s kind of a similar situation, since I talk to this guy as much as I talked to the guy I asked last year. So it’s a toss up.

I’m thinking about it. Lots and lots of thinking. Though when I do ask, I’ll be giggling and it’ll totally ruin the moment. Whatever, that’s just how I am.

ANNNND last thing before I go:

Tomorrow is a very, very, very special chica’s sweet sixteen 🙂 I’m super duper excited for her and I can’t wait for her partaaay. Which is like one of the first times I’m going out on a weekend since like. A while. A very long while. But that just goes to show how amazing this girl is. HAPPY EARLY SWEET SIXTEEN KELSEY 😀

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