As much as I enjoy the fact you guys are reading this…

30 Oct

I wish I could actually know who all of you are. Oh well. You guys are so incredibly stalker-like (-cough-EMILY-cough-) but that’s okay because at least I know some people give a shit.

And I guess my life is pretty entertaining. Yeah? haha rhetorical question, don’t even think about answering.

Today, my mom asked me to wrap presents for my sister’s friend’s birthday. And then she realized the party isn’t until next Saturday. Which is like… duh mom. It’s freaking Halloween tomorrow. Anyways. I love wrapping presents. It makes me happy.

This week was just ridiculous. I think I was thrown off by the last two weeks where we had like a late start on one Monday and no school on another. And then we went back to a regular five-day schoolweek which was just like UGHHHH. Yeah.

I decided I’m going to make friendship bracelets for everyone this Christmas. And bake brownies or something. But yeah. I’ve never made friendship bracelets before and I’m going to teach myself by watching a wikihow video. I know, I’m pretty cool.

I failed my calculus test today.

I want my physics test back. And I want to know how I did on my AP lang oral.

Halloween’s tomorrow! I never really do anything for Halloween except smooch candy, duh. That’s the point of Halloween. Except I feel like my sweet tooth is dulling by the year, so I don’t really want any candy. I’ll just like go with my sister or something. One awesome thing about having little siblings: you have an excuse to do kiddie things.

I got my first issue of Seventeen yesterday. I don’t know whether or not I should regret subscribing for a year. First issue’s covergirl is Kristen Stewart. There’s an interview with he rand the rest of the Twilight bunch – as in the two guys that everyone cares about. And some incredibly irrelevant, poorly written, useless articles with tips about everything you’ll never need to know. (They even suggest that you don’t sext…wow.)

Why would I subscribe to Seventeen? I remember that I used to really like it. And now it’s just like a conglomerate of epic fails.

This weekend is going to be absolutely exhausting. There’s so much to do and not all that much time.

BUT if there’s one thing I’m looking forward to/certainly going to make time for, it’s TALLADEGA. Oh yes, it’s time to head back to that amazing 2.66 mile superspeedway. They made it safer (supposedly) so hopefully no cars end up airborne and no fans in the stands are hurt. But I’m in the mood to see a big wreck. And it’s Talladega so there will most certainly be a big wreck. Yay!

Read up on your NASCAR. And look up all the crap the drivers have to go through in the car. And then learn to drive (if you haven’t). And then drive a racecar in a legit race, probably late model or sprint cars. And then in a legit racing series (IRL, top 3 NASCAR touring divisions or Camping World East/West, F1, ARCA). And then tell me it’s not a sport. kthx

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