1, 2, 3.

8 Nov

Homecoming was sleezy.

I have a problem with this one person. Everyone knows he’s like a flipping genius, but I think he’s kinda rude. If you tell a total stranger you did well on a test, he’ll tell you “good job” or something. But this kid says, “To be quite honest, I don’t really care.”

Oh well. At least he was honest. And I mean that, even though I know all of you can picture me saying this sarcastically, blah blah. You guys all know me so well.

The walk was fun. I got a picture with Elmo on my phone but I forgot to save it. FML status right there.

I got another picture with the Laker girls, but it’s pretty dirty. Those girls need to cover themselves better. Gosh!

I know, I’m a total prude.

My knees ache a lot right now.

My calculus homework gave me fits – again – and I spent freaking forever trying to figure out the answer to this one problem when I could’ve just plugged it into my graphing calculator and found the zeros.

Tomorrow’s a late start so I’m really just trying to put off doing any work for as long as possible. After all, I’m only a high schooler.

My friend Sara got her license this past week and yesterday, she drove on her own for the first time to get some milk from the store. YAY! That’s gonna be me soon. I’m pretty excited.

(I’m very well aware that this entire post so far sounds extremely sarcastic, or at least it does as I’m reading it to myself right now. Sorry, in a non-sarcastic way. Seriously.)

Speaking of Sara, I went to Peet’s with her today because she insists that once I have something from there, I’ll never go back to Starbucks. I haven’t actually gone to Starbucks a whole lot since the last price hike so Peet’s needn’t worry. We were on this college campus, and my dad decided he was clever enough to say pretty loudly, “Looks like there are a lot of nerds here.”

Now, this is rather ironic coming from my extremely Asian father who has Masters degrees in polymeric and organic chemistry and thinks calculus is like the easiest thing ever.

Not to mention the guy that was sitting right next to us with all these books on his table, one of which was The Principles of Dynamics.


I know, I get all my wit from my dad.

Goodness people, it’s like I know everything you’re thinking before you even think it! How crazy is that?!

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