I wonder what it’s like to be famous.

15 Nov

And glamorous. And overall amazing.

Watching too many movies makes me like this. I think I talked a little too much about film in my last post 😦 so I ended up having all these dreams last night about fame and fortune, oh my.

Just kidding.

I just wonder what it’s like to be Rachel McAdams when she does all those love scenes.


I was watching the race when it got really boring because it was totally apparent that Jimmie Johnson was going to win again. I don’t know if I even want to bother watching the Cup race next weekend because unless something absolutely catastrophic happens to the 48, he’s got that fourth championship.

So I remember I used to be totally into the advice column thing. I know, I’ve needed help from a very young age.

There was this one advice columnist, Amy Alkon, who I never really understood until way later. She seems like an extremely bitter and sarcastic person. This may be extremely hypocritical of me, but she doesn’t seem to understand that there’s a fine line between brutal honesty and brutal sarcasm. For some reason, psychologists really like her, but if I were psychoanalyzing her, I would just say that she’s crazy and needs to tone down the criticism. She’s extremely rude in how she says what she says, and she justifies her rudeness with something about how you can’t get to anyone these days unless you’re being rude.

I don’t know, that’s an awfully negative point of view.

I seriously turned to Dear Abby instead of her. Though conservative, Abby at least gives me a straight answer.

With Amy Alkon, you have to dig for the answer, which I’m sure some people appreciate.

And she needs better people to reply to. Sorry, but these “my boyfriend keeps looking at other girls” letters are common and I can’t imagine someone taking the time to actually write a legitimate response to every one of them.

Oh well. I know, I resemble her so I don’t even have the right to say any of the above.

I realized why I like the Vampire Diaries so much, or at least why I think I like it so much.

I think Stefan is like perfect. And forgive me for perpetuating the idea that a weak chica has to be protected by a macho chico.

At least Elena has that going for her. Someone who loves her so much he’ll do anything for her.

Doesn’t even have to be a guy in that kind of luffy-duffy way. Just someone who’ll always be there, you know? Unconditionally? Yeah.

And he has an amazing body with those amazing arms. His hugs must be amazing.

Note to self: get a hug from Paul Wesley 🙂

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