For every 99 times, you looked me in the eye and swore you weren’t lying…

23 Nov

For some reason, both of the Spanish teachers I’ve had so far in high school hate my guts.

It’s funny because I understand exactly why they hate me, and I don’t even try to act any differently. I probably deserve to be chastised a lot more than I have been, but still. For a class that’s pretty much a joke..? Yeah.

Today at school, my friend found a beetle in her hair and she started screaming. Now, I know if that happened to someone else and the person started screaming (such as in the locker rooms, which has happened repeatedly), I would tell the person to shut the fuck up too. But it happens to be these sophomores who were doing the STFUing and that kinda grinds my gears.

I hate freshmen, but I’m pretty sure I hate sophomores more.

Especially the ones that infringe on our territory then deprive us – the juniors – of our right to scream when we find bugs near us. Especially when they’d be screaming their heads off even louder if they were in our place.

I’m having one of those weeks when everything seems to be against me. I think it’s carrying over from last week. Oh well.

Now I feel like Eeyore.

I think I need some professional help.

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