I get all worked up then I let myself down.

30 Nov

Oh Michael Buble, you strangely wonderful Canadian man. You worked your way into my brain for the entire day. I’ve pretty much been humming the same song over and over. Goshdarnit.

OKAY so here’s the dealio: I’m going to make a wholehearted attempt to not talk about other people in these posts from now on. This is for me, and no one else but me.

Speaking of myself…

I’m still trying to not admit it, and I will fight it as long as I can. When I do eventually acknowledge it, I’m going to do it extremely begrudgingly. I don’t know, this is like the path not taken for me, so of course I’m hesitant. I should be…right? I hope so.

On a this-is-really-late-but-still-important note,

I am so enormously thankful for my sister. I can’t trust anyone more and she never, ever gets mad at me despite all the horrible things I do to her. I admit it, I bully her more than I should (in a joking way, of course) and she doesn’t deserve any of it. I’m a horrible big sister, but she always reminds me that someone in this world loves me more than anyone else. I don’t give thanks for her nearly as much as I should. She always has plenty of hugs and kisses for me when I’m not feeling particularly happy, and she actually gets me, probably because she’s known me since she was born but still. I’m so glad we don’t fight like other siblings because I have no idea what I would do without her.

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