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Sorry I’ve been terrible about updating.

28 Dec

My life is terribly unexciting so there’s no need to complain. Not like anything happened!

Well I went to the mall on Saturday and ran into a friend of mine from middle school who lives like 5 minutes away. I haven’t spoken to her since 8th grade graduation. I must be really lazy… like literally she lives 5 minutes away -_- goodness, what have I been doing all these years?!

So anyways, I went to the mall for the post-Christmas stuff. I didn’t really get anything except these awesome hot pink shirts. Because you know I love hot pink.

JUST KIDDING. They just had cool stuff on them so you know, I couldn’t resist.

I also went ahead and stocked up on Bath and Body Works shizzz. I love that place. Their lotions suck in terms of actually making your skin less dry, but they smell amazing when applied in limited amounts. Especially at night. And then you can fall asleep to the smell of sea breeze cotton. Even though I’m sure sea breeze cotton doesn’t smell like anything…

I did pretty well on my ACT in comparison to like the average student but idk if I did well enough to match the geniuses going to MIT. Darnnn.

So back to my shopping experiences in the past couple of days.

The B. Dalton bookstore at the mall I went to on Saturday is getting closed ! 😥 That is majorly sad. I loveee that place. Sad to see it go. But I’m very happy with the 40% off everything in the store sale they had. My sister picked up two of her weird kiddie chapter books, and I picked up The Time Traveler’s Wife and Speak (FINALLY I have my own copy), amongst a couple of other titles.

Yesterday, I went to Target and picked up some ornaments and Pantene shampoo/conditioner. A bunch of stuff on clearance. FUN. And I discovered the amazingness of elf cosmetics. EVERYTHING COSTS A BUCK. And then I went online and spent the entire day/night watching youtube reviews on their shit, and apparently IT’S GOOD SHIT. Like a lot of the brushes are legit. So I think I might want to get some stuff later on. Hmm. One of the chief complaints is that all their stuff is made in China. Ummm idk the problem with that. Like 95% of stuff you get in America was made in China. Are we all going to start complaining about possible contamination of Happy Meal toys?! Well, actually, I think people have already done that before. Whatever.

Today I did more holiday clearance shopping at Kohls. Yup.

My parents freak me out when I’m driving. I always feel like I’m going to hit some invisible deer in the middle of the streets or something. They are the worst backseat drivers EVER. >:o goodness.

^ watch that. Probably one of my favorite covers of this song. And the guy on the right is kinda cute 🙂

Guys who play guitar are freaking adorable. Which is one of my problems with ——. Ughhhhh.

Have a wonderful New Year everyone !



23 Dec

You know, Paulie Bleeker, from Juno.

Startling similarities.

I was just watching the movie and thought I’d share that with y’all.

’tis the season to be jolly ~

23 Dec

I went to the spectrum today. Normally when I go out I try to make myself presentable. I didn’t really feel like it today.

I wore like really baggy jeans and my NJHS officer shirt (LOL?) and my oversized AE sweatshirt.

I felt really out of place at like Urban and Forever 21. Only because all those people dress so trendy and they’re all I could ever possibly aspire to be 😦 Like goodness. So stylish. I think they should just like GTFO and like stop making me feel bad, like, omg, like, omg, like, yeah.

I hate Orange County. Damn you fashion-forward people! Nobody cares.

It was nice to see that Forever 21 is now expanded to like the size of a Walmart and houses a Heritage. I love Heritage.

My sister and I got to play with this adorable Maltese at the pet store. Yeah. Made me want a puppy even more. Forgot to snap a picture 😦 And that puppy was shockingly well-behaved. Not like the other ones in there that have like canine ADD.

I realized I don’t really like a lot of people deep down in my empty, barren heart. Boo.

I know very few people who’ve actually never ever been no my bad side. I know, I need to start being less mean blah blah.

I just have one thing to say:

Those backstabbing sons of bitches!

Exclude me, foo, and karma will hit you bad 🙂

Hope you all are still having a lovely break!

Going through a rough patch…

21 Dec

Not sure when things will get better. And contrary to popular belief, I’m not discontent because I want to be.

Well maybe I do want to be. Just a bit. Because everything I have I asked for.

Enjoying my winter break. Not doing anything productive at all.

I got a blood test today. It was scary. I now know that the medical profession is not for me 🙂

And I went to Target for the third straight day in a row. Why not just buy everything I need at once? Because, quite frankly, doing that is for squares.

I watched Up with my sister again. The first 15 minutes makes me cry my eyes out. I mean goodness, what a way to start a movie ._.

Otherwise, today was totally a waste. I really should start using my time wisely. Soon, hopefully.

Oh, and I’m thinking of signing up for some more events for scioly yay! More to study! </3

RIP Brittany Murphy

20 Dec

I wasn’t like her biggest fan, and I found her to be more annoying than stunningly gorgeous and amazing as an actress, but she did good work and made me cry in Uptown Girls. And she was pretty funny in Clueless. It makes me sad that these Hollywood celebs keep screwing around with their lives like this, and they should stop. They should start appreciating what they have instead of complaining about all the circumstances in which they are forced because of their fame. You can’t ask for wealth and fame and reject all the shit that comes with it, right Britney Spears? Just saying.


1977-2009. You weren’t the best, but you weren’t terrible either. And at least you didn’t flaunt yourself like some other people -cough-

I baked brownies today. I hope they come out less cake-like compared to what they’ve been like the last three times I baked brownies. Ugh.

I miss talking to him. As ridiculous as he was, he talked to me. And unpretentiously. And he always acknowledged the fact that we hardly knew each other so I must be a nonsensical idiot.

I’m glad I’m talking to him again, but I feel like in the amount of time we spent totally separated from one another, we’ve both become different people. I don’t really know him at all anymore. I mean, I’m sure we’re still the exact same people from before, but I don’t know. I don’t even know if I want to try and force this again. When two people aren’t compatible, that’s that. You can’t really change that. He’s drifted away, and clearly I have too. We don’t have a lot in common anymore. I don’t know if keeping our friendship alive is worth the work.

I just saw this dress on and fell in love!

Goodness, and I’m not even a dress person. I don’t even know why I like it so much.

This winter, I must do some SAT prep!, study like crazy for scioly so I can make it to regionals pleaseeee, and I don’t know. Other random stuff. I’m bound to forget too.

Oh yeah, I have to learn those stupid pieces for orchestra.

I don’t know why I ever played violin. It’s terrible. My left ear is seriously fried after every time I practice.

My mom told me the other day that she has to work on Christmas. I get it and stuff, but like… Christmas?! I know she’s doing it for me and my sister, but it’s Christmas :/ So much for the holidays.

Oh well. I’m not doing that well, but I hope you are all splendid. ’tis the season. Enjoy yourselves if you can!

Wooo winter break -_-

19 Dec

I never go anywhere, except that one year I went to Vegas, so I expect to basically stay at home and not do anything once again this year.

Though we’re supposed to be going to meet up with my dad’s college buds in San Diego. But that’s not until New Years Eve. And I don’t even want to go anywhere on New Years Eve. I just want to stay at home and watch the damn ball drop in New York City and congratulate myself for making it through another year.

I think I’m experiencing separation anxiety. I mean, I don’t really know what to call it exactly, but I feel this urge to sleep more, watch tv more, eat unnecessarily more, sulk more, shop online more, basically not do anything more… Yeah. I don’t know.

See, this is what normally happens during a weekend or break: I indulge in the fact that there is no school and I go all out, like totally crazy. Like I’m on some kind of endless source of sugar. I kind of forget everything that’s connected with school, all the drama and the stress. As hard as I’m trying right now to do that, I can’t. I want to curl up and cry because I don’t understand.

I can’t understand.


I kind of want to get in the car and drive somewhere far away for two weeks and come back.

That’s probably what I need too.

But seeing as everything is just too complicated for me to do whatever the hell I want…

I suddenly feel like I want to buy a lot of shoes. Is this normal? I think it’s normal for most chicks but I’m not most chicks.

This is extremely unhealthy.

Oh, and I’m kind of fed up with people who like only look after themselves but like idk I can’t really complain because that’s all I do right?

I think we should all think positively and all make an effort to change. You know, kind of like what those kids on Disneychannel always say.

On a lonely Friday night…

18 Dec

I blog.

My life is amazing because I have amazing people to share it with.

My life is not amazing because there are people who just really seem to want to piss me off.

He wins the award for weirdest reaction and maybe weirdest overall. I don’t even mean it in an offensive way.

I’m still very confused even after digesting the situation for a whole 24 hours.

I wish he would answer the damn questions. I know very well that he’s capable of it, but for some reason, he just answers with more questions and then there’s just a heapload of nebulousness.