Love, Save the Empty.

12 Dec

I don’t want to talk about the ACT. We’ll just see how it goes, alrighty?

It is currently raining in typically-sunny southern California. It’s like a paradox. I miss living in New York and Mississippi when you get weather that’s pretty much random across the board. Except you always got snow at least once in the winter. Not so in Orange County. Boo.

OKAY, here’s the thing that’s been peeving me since like yesterday:

You know the video I posted yesterday? The Macbeth film fight fail scene? I got like 6 thumbs downs on my comment about how I thought that was a freaking hilarious fight scene that kinda looked like two guys going at it in an extremely rudimentary way.

Okay, so I should be fair. The film was made in the ’70s (I think) and blah blah authenticity because armor’s heavy and would weigh down Macbeth and Macduff etc. etc. that’s why they look like they’re humping each other half the time and kicking ass WWE fail style.

And then I read everyone else’s comments and I know never to comment on anything that has to do with Shakespeare ever again.

These people are freaking insane. Sorry I don’t appreciate finer literature. Last time I checked, Shakespeare lived in the 1500s. And currently we’re in the 21st century. Kinda off to talk about Shakespeare in a youtube video…like an anachronism.

But whatever floats their boat. I couldn’t care more about what William Shakespeare did for the English language. All I know is that I don’t really care about anything he writes because I can’t read it anyways. And you can’t really even use that to say I’m ignorant or unintelligent.

Well maybe I’m ignorant… just a bit.

I was on failblog for the first time in a while and came across these. They made me chuckle incessantly.

Dear meeee, failblog, you bring joy into my life.

I was watching Wild Child and I don’t know, I don’t find it very interesting, except Emma Roberts cusses a few times and Alex Pettyfer is just like a hot piece of ass.

Dear Lord, forgive me for my dirty thoughts.


But he sure is beautiful.

I’m off to bake for everyone. Last week of school for 2009 is next week !

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