The violin is a vile instrument.

13 Dec

It’s shrill and leaves my left ear half-deaf every time I practice. I hate it so much. I wish I had never learned it. Now I’m just burdened with more than I need, and my parents just keep guilt-tripping me into practicing. I’m so tired of it ARGH >:o

Today I found the last couple eps of Friday Night Lights that I’ve missed. They (that is, the cast) said the show was going to get better this season, and I thought “no way, not with most of the original cast gone.” I think it’s safe to say I have never cried this much during one episode of a show. If you’re a fan, this ep cannot be missed. Tragedy.

And my new favorite couple – the one I’m rooting for – is Becky and Luke because they’re both so darned cute 🙂

But yeah I still love Julie and Matt k. Because they were darned cute first. And like they are so like amazing to each other. And like yeah. I’m jealous.

YOU KNOW WHAT? Julie and Matt are very thoughtful. Which goes back to what I’m really championing this year. Thoughtfulness.

Well, they were before they broke up ok. Not everything can be perfect. What a sad concept.

Okay, so basically I have a calculus test tomorrow and an APUSH test and lang essay on Gatsby on Tuesday. Then I’m home free until the New Yearrrrr.

Except I also need to start studying for the SAT.


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