RIP Brittany Murphy

20 Dec

I wasn’t like her biggest fan, and I found her to be more annoying than stunningly gorgeous and amazing as an actress, but she did good work and made me cry in Uptown Girls. And she was pretty funny in Clueless. It makes me sad that these Hollywood celebs keep screwing around with their lives like this, and they should stop. They should start appreciating what they have instead of complaining about all the circumstances in which they are forced because of their fame. You can’t ask for wealth and fame and reject all the shit that comes with it, right Britney Spears? Just saying.


1977-2009. You weren’t the best, but you weren’t terrible either. And at least you didn’t flaunt yourself like some other people -cough-

I baked brownies today. I hope they come out less cake-like compared to what they’ve been like the last three times I baked brownies. Ugh.

I miss talking to him. As ridiculous as he was, he talked to me. And unpretentiously. And he always acknowledged the fact that we hardly knew each other so I must be a nonsensical idiot.

I’m glad I’m talking to him again, but I feel like in the amount of time we spent totally separated from one another, we’ve both become different people. I don’t really know him at all anymore. I mean, I’m sure we’re still the exact same people from before, but I don’t know. I don’t even know if I want to try and force this again. When two people aren’t compatible, that’s that. You can’t really change that. He’s drifted away, and clearly I have too. We don’t have a lot in common anymore. I don’t know if keeping our friendship alive is worth the work.

I just saw this dress on and fell in love!

Goodness, and I’m not even a dress person. I don’t even know why I like it so much.

This winter, I must do some SAT prep!, study like crazy for scioly so I can make it to regionals pleaseeee, and I don’t know. Other random stuff. I’m bound to forget too.

Oh yeah, I have to learn those stupid pieces for orchestra.

I don’t know why I ever played violin. It’s terrible. My left ear is seriously fried after every time I practice.

My mom told me the other day that she has to work on Christmas. I get it and stuff, but like… Christmas?! I know she’s doing it for me and my sister, but it’s Christmas :/ So much for the holidays.

Oh well. I’m not doing that well, but I hope you are all splendid. ’tis the season. Enjoy yourselves if you can!

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