’tis the season to be jolly ~

23 Dec

I went to the spectrum today. Normally when I go out I try to make myself presentable. I didn’t really feel like it today.

I wore like really baggy jeans and my NJHS officer shirt (LOL?) and my oversized AE sweatshirt.

I felt really out of place at like Urban and Forever 21. Only because all those people dress so trendy and they’re all I could ever possibly aspire to be 😦 Like goodness. So stylish. I think they should just like GTFO and like stop making me feel bad, like, omg, like, omg, like, yeah.

I hate Orange County. Damn you fashion-forward people! Nobody cares.

It was nice to see that Forever 21 is now expanded to like the size of a Walmart and houses a Heritage. I love Heritage.

My sister and I got to play with this adorable Maltese at the pet store. Yeah. Made me want a puppy even more. Forgot to snap a picture 😦 And that puppy was shockingly well-behaved. Not like the other ones in there that have like canine ADD.

I realized I don’t really like a lot of people deep down in my empty, barren heart. Boo.

I know very few people who’ve actually never ever been no my bad side. I know, I need to start being less mean blah blah.

I just have one thing to say:

Those backstabbing sons of bitches!

Exclude me, foo, and karma will hit you bad 🙂

Hope you all are still having a lovely break!

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