Sorry I’ve been terrible about updating.

28 Dec

My life is terribly unexciting so there’s no need to complain. Not like anything happened!

Well I went to the mall on Saturday and ran into a friend of mine from middle school who lives like 5 minutes away. I haven’t spoken to her since 8th grade graduation. I must be really lazy… like literally she lives 5 minutes away -_- goodness, what have I been doing all these years?!

So anyways, I went to the mall for the post-Christmas stuff. I didn’t really get anything except these awesome hot pink shirts. Because you know I love hot pink.

JUST KIDDING. They just had cool stuff on them so you know, I couldn’t resist.

I also went ahead and stocked up on Bath and Body Works shizzz. I love that place. Their lotions suck in terms of actually making your skin less dry, but they smell amazing when applied in limited amounts. Especially at night. And then you can fall asleep to the smell of sea breeze cotton. Even though I’m sure sea breeze cotton doesn’t smell like anything…

I did pretty well on my ACT in comparison to like the average student but idk if I did well enough to match the geniuses going to MIT. Darnnn.

So back to my shopping experiences in the past couple of days.

The B. Dalton bookstore at the mall I went to on Saturday is getting closed ! 😥 That is majorly sad. I loveee that place. Sad to see it go. But I’m very happy with the 40% off everything in the store sale they had. My sister picked up two of her weird kiddie chapter books, and I picked up The Time Traveler’s Wife and Speak (FINALLY I have my own copy), amongst a couple of other titles.

Yesterday, I went to Target and picked up some ornaments and Pantene shampoo/conditioner. A bunch of stuff on clearance. FUN. And I discovered the amazingness of elf cosmetics. EVERYTHING COSTS A BUCK. And then I went online and spent the entire day/night watching youtube reviews on their shit, and apparently IT’S GOOD SHIT. Like a lot of the brushes are legit. So I think I might want to get some stuff later on. Hmm. One of the chief complaints is that all their stuff is made in China. Ummm idk the problem with that. Like 95% of stuff you get in America was made in China. Are we all going to start complaining about possible contamination of Happy Meal toys?! Well, actually, I think people have already done that before. Whatever.

Today I did more holiday clearance shopping at Kohls. Yup.

My parents freak me out when I’m driving. I always feel like I’m going to hit some invisible deer in the middle of the streets or something. They are the worst backseat drivers EVER. >:o goodness.

^ watch that. Probably one of my favorite covers of this song. And the guy on the right is kinda cute 🙂

Guys who play guitar are freaking adorable. Which is one of my problems with ——. Ughhhhh.

Have a wonderful New Year everyone !

One Response to “Sorry I’ve been terrible about updating.”

  1. name December 29, 2009 at 10:57 pm #

    If there was ever a person who should just shut up, it’s you.

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