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30 Jan

Yeah, finals are over. And I got sick basically on the third day of finals (if not the second, because I already felt iffy then) and it was just terrible. The stuff in my medicine cabinet was not helping at all, so I ended up going to the drugstore with my mom to pick up some other stuff.


1. Zicam (if it’s a cold, not the flu…I don’t know if it works with the flu)
2. Theraflu. It’s like this tea mix. It’s amazing. Only bad thing is that you can’t take it with acetaminophen, so no tylenol. And I drank this stuff right before I went to bed last night, and I didn’t have to go to the restroom a bajillion times.
3. Some kind of nasal decongestant, if you have a stuffy nose

Anyways, I’m all better just in time for the weekend 🙂

Before I get to my exciting plans for this 4-day weekend (which will already be half through after today! sadface), I have to talk about like the most amazing deal at Target.

So if you didn’t know this, Target has a lot of stuff on clearance. They normally put this stuff in some corner of the store where most people don’t look unless you go there by chance and it’s like voila! After this happened to me a couple of times, I know now to always go to that clearance section of the store.

The other day, I went and found this Burt’s Bees gift set of 4 lip balms for $2.48. That totally saved me like $7.50.


And also, my local Target – the one that’s closest to where I live, that is – is changing soon to a Super Target or whatever they’re called. Basically, they’re going to start selling fresh groceries. How exciting! (No sarcasm intended.)

This weekend, the Great Park is going to have a “Snow Day” thing. As in fake snow in southern California.

I think southern California is the only place in the whole country where you find kids who are freaking genuinely excited by the prospect of getting to play with snow. Like a lot of the people who go, I think, bring their 4- and 5-year-olds who have never seen snow in their lives.

I haven’t seen snow in like… ugh, I have to do the math. Maybe 8 years. Exactly 8 years. Yeah, it’s been 8 years since I last saw snow, because I moved from New York in February 2002 and there was still snow around at the time.

My sister’s going to see snow for the first time. But this won’t actually count though… if and when we go back to the east coast or Mississippi or whenever, I’ll make sure it’s snowing and she’ll get to see the stuff for real.

I’m going out with my friends for a belated birthday dinner afterwards.

I’m still feeling a little bit icky with whatever I have, but it’s okay.

Final bit of happy news: I ended up with straight A’s this semester after a slight scare for my physics final. And I totally owned my calc final 🙂


Songs and memories.

25 Jan

(I was bored, and I was listening to a bunch of songs so I suddenly felt the urge to write this. Especially since my last post was so shallow that I don’t even know why I published it.)

I don’t know about you guys, but I associate different songs with different emotions, specifically different people. And even though these were the songs I heard in 5th grade, I still remember particular people whenever I hear them.

And all the while, I’m still connecting the songs I listen to now with different people. The people who’ve made an impact on my life, whether they broke my heart, made me laugh, or wore (and still wear -_-) swishy pants.

I’ve been emotionally stable for a while now, which feels really amazing. When I say stable, I mean in comparison to those other crazier days. I’ve really strayed from my new years resolutions – the get healthy ones at least – but I’m trying to get back on track?

I’m definitely avoiding self-destructive behavior, like asking someone to formal when I know he will say no.

And I’ve kept my distance when circumstances call for it. I really don’t want a replay of what happened before… I’m surprised the kid even talks to me still, like nothing ever happened, when really everything happened.

SELF CONTROL. Yes. What a beautiful thing.


25 Jan

I thought I wasn’t going to post anything this week because after all, it’s finals week. Sorry to disappoint… I guess I decided to post.

I had a lovely birthday, thanks for asking. If you consider lovely stuffing yourself with food until you are going to explode. What an enjoyable day. Now I can go buy a ticket for a rated R movie and tell them I’m 17 and be like “for serious, suck on datttt” yeahhh haha

I had my first “final” in lang today. Then I don’t have 0 period again until next Tuesday yessss! I really want to do well in a couple of my finals though, namely calc and physics. Because those are my borderline classes. Or idk maybe I have more but I really don’t care about those for the time being.

Today this one guy asked my friend to formal and it was really cute. I still can’t get over how adorable it was 🙂

I’m really idling around right now with nothing to do, so this is my pathetic excuse as a way to spend my time yay 😦

OH I took the SAT. What a great way to spend my birthday morning. What an exciting test. Just wonderful. Absofreakinglutely wonderful.

Okay yeah my life’s boring, I’ll update again when something fun happens -_-

Some quick deets.

21 Jan

I’ve been busaaaaay as hell and so I haven’t been updating. I’m sure all of you are very happy about this, except Wilson.

Though I’m pretty sure you already know everything that’s going on in my life right now, Wilson, so we’re all good 🙂

I’m going to be updating some more after finals next week. This week has just be extremely hectic and arhew;aoruwer arghhhh! Yeah. I can’t keep myself from falling asleep at night and I can’t get myself to wake up in the morning.

Not like last year when finals were like “pftttt, what finals?”

This year, they’re mas importante!! Yup. I’m on the border in a couple of classes and I really can’t afford to slip up right now, even in a class like calc that doesn’t count towards my GPA.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, I got an A on the calc test I took yesterday. You have no idea how happy I was when I found out, but the people around me can (especially the strangers that looked at me like I was crazy, which I was for a short while).

And I think Wilson and I are going to be partners for scioly! On the one event I’m doing for regionals… -_-

Countdown to DDAY/BDAY: 2


16 Jan

I probably wasted like 3 hours today trying to figure out tumblr and doing random shit that is totally superfluous and unnecessary.

This is very bad for someone who has to take the SAT in a week.

I’m just going to say right now that if my parents get fucking pissed at me for getting like a 1600, I will totally understand and feel like shit for two months. I feel so guilty and yet I’m not doing anything about it. I don’t even know why I’m like this.

Today was rather busy.

I hate waking up early (anytime before 9) on a weekend so yeah, it really sucked for me to have to wake up at like 7 this morning to go to school and test for scioly. I did really badly too, though my chances of making the team may be slightly greater considering Wilson and I are the only two people who took the forensics test today. And each event requires two people. D’oh. Not sure though at this point… I’ll have to wait and find out yay!

Then I had to do this stupid CM recital kind of practice idkwhatelse thing. It sucked. I hate people who strut in and think they’re like super good at violin. Like good freaking luck in the real world trying to get a job playing the violin professionally. You would have to be really freaking good to do that. No, being a level above me when you’re two years younger does not count. You have to be like prodigy status. Like you have your own level. Ughhh to those people for taking something you won’t even commit to so seriously >:o

Wow that sounded really angry right there.

So I was on my favorite website the other day. Yeah, you betcha, my favorite website is bby. I don’t really go on much in the offseason but I’m like addicted during the season (which, great for me, lasts like 3/4 of the year).

I came across this article which made me want to puke. Basically, Derrike Cope’s twin nieces are going to race trucks this year. I’m all for women in the sport but come on. Look at them, they’re freaking blond bimbos. One of them even admits it:

“We’ll be hard to miss with our platinum blonde hair and big Dior glasses,” Angela said.

Wowwwwww one step forward and two steps back much?

For Pete’s fucking sake they went to cosmetology school. Sorry if I’m showing prejudice right now but I gotta see it to believe it. They better be as good as they claim to be. Which I doubt.

Coming for you.

14 Jan

Thought I’d throw in a little inside joke. Gotta prove that I’m not an emo, and that I actually do have fun yeah?

And it wouldn’t be an inside joke if I told you what it was about, but basically it involves Quiznos and this song called “Coming for You.” That’s all you get. Sorry!

A friend of mine told me I looked really angry today. I always look angry, but evidently I looked angrier than usual. Oh goodness, thanks for the news flash, totally had no idea I was pissed off today…

I am currently working on my calculus homework, which I’ve been doing since 3. Of course, I ate dinner and finished my physics homework and watched Bones during the 6.5 hours that have passed, but still. This shit is hard.

Okay, I gave up on that one problem. When there are a bunch of e‘s and the answer isn’t even a number, sorry… I have no idea what to do.

(By the way, sorry if these posts don’t make sense in terms of time. Sometimes I type up half an entry and then leave it for an hour – or three – so nothing matches up.)

I got shit on by a bird today.

13 Jan

So my friend realized she got shit on by a bird during lunch.

I was like “haha, you’re stupid, how did you not realize this until like 15 minutes later?”

And then after 3rd period, I was changing in the locker rooms, and I realized that I got shit on too and just never realized it.

And I felt stupid.


Hope this wasn’t too emo for you 😉

Let’s all be happy and non-emo like charlie mcdonnell