HAPPY 2010!

1 Jan

I really like even years for irrational reasons, so I’m looking forward to this year.

Last night, I went to my dad’s annual reunion with his college buds from whatever asian university he went to. Believe me, I do not like surrounding myself with asians, and this was not an event I badly wanted to attend. There were so many of them. And all they do is talk about how you’ve gotten older and look at you!, you’re graduating from high school soon. Dear god people, it’s only been a year since you saw me. Not like I changed a whole hell of a lot.

And I wore a beret and they said I was too fashionable for them. What the fuck.

So this whole soiree was in San Diego, which is like… goodness, I don’t even have the words to describe that place. I mean, our streets are so smooth and well-paved, and theirs are so bumpy with so many potholes and what not.

Just kidding; the city spends too much paving perfectly driveable streets every year anyways.

But yeah.

I don’t really remember any of the people that came to our house last year (when my parents decided it was a swell idea to host the thing at our place). Probably because last year I spent the whole time upstairs in my parents room watching a Bones marathon on TNT while ill with the flu.

I hope 2010 brings good things, I really do. I need a whole lot of good right now.

And unfortunately, we are going back to school after this weekend, which makes me want to sob and whine and complain a lot — of course to no avail.

For now, I will try and get as much work done as possible before tomorrow so I can go out on Sunday for a carefree day/night without worrying about the shit to come on Monday the 4th. (Grrrr.)

And of course, I want to catch all these wonderful marathons USA is throwing at us this weekend 🙂

Oh, and the return of good television is imminent. Yay for new eps of Friday Night Lights, Bones, Fringe, Vampire Diaries, Burn Notice, and all that good stuff.

Speaking of Burn Notice, I realized how much I freaking love that show a couple months ago, and I still think it’s like the most amazing thing ever. There’s a lot of explosives and shooting and whatnot going on simultaneously. It’s all so fast-paced. It makes me want to be a spy when a grow up. Michael Westen, you cool, cool person. And Fiona, you even cooler person. Favorite quote from the previews of the new eps was when Michael tells Fiona, “My brains, your brawn.”

There’s something incredibly advanced about the idea of a femme fatale character as awesome as Fiona.

“Should we shoot them?”

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