Calculus – the story of highs and lows.

10 Jan

Highs are when you solve the gayest fucking problem you’ve ever seen in your life. It’s a total sense of accomplishment. Like bammm Newton (and Leibniz?), go suck it!

Lows are when you want to kill yourself because you’ve spent 3 hours on the same fucking problem and you honest to god have no idea how to get the answer. Or even how to begin to work on it.

Especially when the problem involves integration by parts 3+ times. Like you have to integrate by parts when you’re already integrating by parts. Is that even possible? Because I just see myself going in circles going over something I really don’t need.

I hate any equations with e^anything. Now and forever.

What made this weekend way more awesome was this amazing British lad.

I must say, it was love at first… sound? British accents are like the most beautiful things ever. Even if they belong to guys with questionable/ambiguous sexual orientation. So flipping darn cute.

Sorry. I can’t help myself. It’s the whole withdrawal thing again.

JUST KIDDING. I have no such problems.

So we picked up a fish tank a couple weeks ago except we never set it up or got fish for it until yesterday. Now we have two goldfish. Yes, the ones that cost like 10 cents apiece from Petco. HEY, you gotta start somewhere, right?

Anyways, I am not quite awesome with pets. If any of you have known me long enough, you’ll remember the whole parakeet fiasco. I realize now why those things were not good pets for me. I have some bizarre ornithophobia. As my friend suggested, I shall stay away from that Alfred Hitchcock film about birds.

Speaking of odd phobias, I was talking to some other friends of mine and I have extremely bizarre phobias. I went on the phobia list and looked a couple of the actual terms up so I could sound smart. Evidently I have…

  • astrophobia – fear of stars or celestial space
  • herpetophobia – fear of snakes, lizards, etc.
  • apeirophobia – fear of infinity
  • auroraphobia – fear of northern lights
  • obviously arachnophobia

These are just a few. I should go through all of them one day and just find out what all my irrational fears are properly called.

I honestly have all of the above, though to varying degrees. Like I don’t fear infinity when I write it on a piece of paper, but if someone wrote a bigass infinity in front of me or made me think really hard about it, I would think it’s scary.

Which is kinda similar to my fear of northern lights and space, especially space. is where I got all my info. Check it out; you will be highly amused.

So that’s just a little bit into my incredibly odd brain. Maybe I do need some professional help.

One Response to “Calculus – the story of highs and lows.”

  1. Mysterious Annie Lover January 12, 2010 at 12:29 am #

    Oh, this is where the REAL post is. I see.
    Charlie! *swoon*
    I think I need some sleep. Yes.

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