25 Jan

I thought I wasn’t going to post anything this week because after all, it’s finals week. Sorry to disappoint… I guess I decided to post.

I had a lovely birthday, thanks for asking. If you consider lovely stuffing yourself with food until you are going to explode. What an enjoyable day. Now I can go buy a ticket for a rated R movie and tell them I’m 17 and be like “for serious, suck on datttt” yeahhh haha

I had my first “final” in lang today. Then I don’t have 0 period again until next Tuesday yessss! I really want to do well in a couple of my finals though, namely calc and physics. Because those are my borderline classes. Or idk maybe I have more but I really don’t care about those for the time being.

Today this one guy asked my friend to formal and it was really cute. I still can’t get over how adorable it was πŸ™‚

I’m really idling around right now with nothing to do, so this is my pathetic excuse as a way to spend my time yay 😦

OH I took the SAT. What a great way to spend my birthday morning. What an exciting test. Just wonderful. Absofreakinglutely wonderful.

Okay yeah my life’s boring, I’ll update again when something fun happens -_-

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