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28 Feb

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Mandy. She was very talented at musical instruments. She was really dorky and spent all her time in the magical land of Musicroom. She was arguably mental, but that’s okay: she really liked to be different in her unique way.

One day, a man named Frank noticed Mandy when he was in the magical land of Musicroom. He had dreams about the two of them being together. But Mandy already had a boyfriend in a faraway land. Frank was sad.

The end.

Love my originality? Creativity? Yeah.

P.S. The musical is now ever. Bittersweet. [EDIT: I realized after I posted this that I already wrote a blog about how the musical is over. Fail, Annie. Fail.]


BAHAHAH the musical is over!

27 Feb

Which means it’s time to burn my violin and start dreading other hateful events to come.

The musical wasn’t bad or anything. I think it was just a simple case of having too much of the same thing, like to the extent where the whole pit memorized the song lyrics and the lines. I still thought it was funny after however many hours of rehearsal, but yeah. Maybe a couple more nights and I would not be saying that.

Personally I thought it was an awesome show 🙂

Grrr so instead of enjoying the race tomorrow, I have to study for scioly for a couple of hours. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

I can’t wait for spring semester of senior year. I am just… ugh

FOR NOW, I am happy to get back 3 extra hours every night to work, sleep, whatever. Anything but play the same songs over and over again.

Opening night.

23 Feb

Yeahhh, tonight was rather interesting. This whole pit thing is a series of highs and lows. I mean, you’re stuck in this really cramped space with all these people and it’s loud and kinda gross and playing the same thing over and over wears on you. But then in the end, it comes full circle, and all that seems to be worth it.

Forgive me if I don’t make sense anymore. I haven’t been very lucid since musical rehearsals began.

Ughhh, it’s getting pretty late and I am freaking exhausted despite all the caffeine I had today.

I just thought I’d put up a quick post or at least make it somewhat meaningful/worth reading, but I guess I failed.

And my smallest goldfish Kyle is nearing his end. Poor little guy. I don’t know if it’s even possible to restore him to his previous vitality 😦

Danica Patrick, you suck.

20 Feb

It’s not personal. I don’t hate you because everyone else loves you. I most certainly don’t hate you for being female.

I just don’t think that it’s fair that you get so much attention.

(And I saw somewhere that you don’t like blogs, so I really hope you don’t come across this one and get all mad. I’m just one girl giving an honest opinion.)

Today, Kyle Busch won the Nationwide race at ACS. Today, he was on twitter’s trending topics list. I was shocked until I clicked his name and found out why.

Nobody gives a shit who wins. “Kyle Busch wins race; Danica finishes 31st.” Sorry, if I were trending on twitter, I wouldn’t want it to be for that reason too. The only reason he even made the list was because every headline has to say something about him winning if they’re even going to talking heaploads about your performance (a 31st-place finish, nice).

I feel bad for all the other female drivers (now and in the history of auto racing) that didn’t get a fair shot to win some races with a good team and good equipment. It took you THREE YEARS to win a race in Indycar with a successful team and solid racecars. And that was Indycar, with like 25 entries tops per race.

End rant.

I watched Braveheart with my dad today. It made me believe that Mel Gibson was really a good person once upon a time. Before the anti-Semitic comments.


17 Feb

That’s basically my gift to you. It’s your own fault you didn’t even tell anyone it was your birthday! I had to freaking find out through facebook k. So now I’m updating also in your honor 🙂

I just looked back at the entry I put up yesterday and WOW, do I feel stupid. I shouldn’t have put that up. It should’ve been one of the many drafts I typed up but never bothered to finish or publish. I sound so pathetic. That’s okay though. And I never delete posts that already get published, just for the record.

I’m kinda screwed in school right now. I’m very behind in a couple of my classes, and things just aren’t registering for me. Like I find it really hard to pay attention. Really senioritis, or am I just getting too lazy for my own good? I mean, I guess I still have that “as long as I still have an A” mentality, but yeah :/

This week is really intense. Like really intense. Next week might be worse, so I’m really bracing myself. This morning I woke up and I did not want to get out of my bed. I pressed the snooze button twice 😦

SO LATELY I’VE BEEN SORTA TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH GETTING A CRAZY SMARTPHONE. I DON’T KNOW WHY, I JUST HAVE. Maybe this coincides with the whole windows 7 phone announcement. I don’t know. But yeah. I already said something on here about how I want to be one of those people. You know…

My internet has been acting up a lot as of late. How irritating. Like hot damn, I rely on you; don’t let me down! Goodness.

I want to blow off some steam sometime. This is a really stressful week. Arghhhhhh

Here we go again.

16 Feb

I tried telling myself that you didn’t deserve it, but then I realized I don’t deserve it either.

I’m not angry. I guess I’m just really frustrated, like you are with sometimes.

I don’t want to be mad at you. I told myself that in order to make this work, I would never be mad at you. Ever again. And I’m still not. It’s just like… I don’t know.

Whatever, I’ll get over it eventually. I don’t even think I need time.

It’s really not worth getting upset about.

I’m really worn out already.

14 Feb

Sorry if the rest of this post sounds like rubbish. I know it’s not even that late, but I just do not feel well right now. I might be sick again.

My parents keep reminding me that I used to be so healthy, and I never got sick, and now I must not be taking care of myself very well because I get sick all the time. Ughhhhhhhh, it’s not my fault. It’s not like I want to be stressed all the time -_-

I’ve had an epiphany.

If I get married, I want to marry a gorgeous British writer. Not even writer. He could be an editor, publisher, whatever. As long as he writes. I want a writer.

Yes, this epiphany is very much connected to my newfound love for Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Sorry.

Today, I caught up on some of those old shows that I used to love. Not really caught up, but just refreshed my memory a little. Watched some Veronica Mars, Dawson’s Creek, Bionic Woman. I can’t believe none of those shows are around anymore.

Well, actually I can very easily believe that none of them are around anymore, except Veronica Mars.

I mean, you can’t watch stuff about teen angst forever, and I guess the same applies to a show about a woman who was in a car accident and received bionic body parts. Just saying.

I sound really nerdy. And I really do watch too much television, I admit it. But television is a beautiful thing, come on people!

I seriously don’t even know what’s wrong with me right now, but I am tired out of my freaking mind. I feel my right eye pulsating. Is this normal?


of course I must say something about the DAYTONA 500.



Jamie McMurray won.

I always suck at watching the first race of the year because I get confused as to who is driving what car and who has which crew chief. And quite a number of changes were made. There were mergers, manufacturer changes, etc.

When I saw the 1 car, I thought Truex Jr. was still behind the wheel, but now it’s Jamie Mac. And Truex Jr. is in the 56. And Steve Addington is now the crew chief for Kurt Busch’s #2 Dodge. And Kasey Kahne’s car wasn’t bright red -_- did he switch sponsors or something?! I don’t know.

All I know was that the race was kind of confusing. I’ll get used to it after a while.

The pothole thing was a major bummer, but it’s not fair for everyone to call it an embarrassment. And obviously NASCAR wasn’t going to call the thing. That’s the stupidest thing ever, especially when the only problem is a little hole in the track. Honestly, it’s not like the drivers are amateurs. Oh well, they can do whatever they please.

And I felt really happy for Jamie because he cried in victory lane which made me cry and his wife was there and everyone was just all omg so I was all omg too.

P.S. Speaking of NASCAR this weekend, Danica Patrick needs to gtfo. I do not appreciate her presence. She should leave, kthx. Poor Chrissy Wallace got no recognition for her start, and everything was just about Danica, Danica, Danica. The results speak for themselves. “It was like the Days of Thunder, all this smoke everywhere.” Stop complaining; either you weren’t lucky or you just really suck. Either way, Saturday was not a fateful day for you. I won’t get off the wanica train until you win k 🙂

And I love how during one of the longass breaks to fix the track today, two of the commentators were talking about the gains of women in society. Like there are more women in college now or something.

Not only did y’all totally demean the female gender, but you made an ass out of NASCAR fans. Like the ones in the South who have stereotypically always thought that women should only do domestic shit.