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I’m not cool enough to have snazzy profile pictures on facebook.

31 Mar

I was looking at people’s profile pictures today and I realized that mine always suck. It’s okay though. One day I’ll get over it. Boo.



Today was such an eh day. But it doesn’t matter because I come home to clutter and I feel free. Freer than ever.

My mom told me to organize my desk and stop piling things on top of one another. Sorry, Mom, but when I put stuff in little organized stacks instead of making one big mess, I can’t find anything.

I think my favorite thing right now is Vaseline. It is such a versatile product. I use it on my super duper dry hands and cuticles and yeah. I would use it on my face if it didn’t look like I had a runny nose and I smeared snot all over my face. I actually went to school like that once, but with just a little bit around the bottom of my nose (the part that gets red when you have to blow your nose too many times during a cold) because it was freaking irritated as hell, and this one kid was all, “annie, what’s wrong with your face?” Thanks.

I made scalloped potatoes today. I finally satisfied my craving for scalloped potatoes. They were a tad bit on the salty side but I still loved them. I still have 2/3 of it left so more for me later! Yay! By the time I’m done I’ll never want to eat scalloped potatoes ever again!

I think I have the most amazing little sister in the whole wide world. Why?, you ask. Today, I was talking to my mother about just what makes my sister freaking awesome. She’s never been attention-seeking, and she’s never cried in the middle of a store, demanding something she knows we shouldn’t buy. She understands things on such a deep level for her age. She is the most generous person I’ve ever met. She takes the meanest things I say and doesn’t tattle or anything, and the most she’ll do is tear up a little and be really sad for maybe a minute. I can’t even stand to pick on her all that much actually. I feel so bad. Ugh.

In conclusion, I have the best baby sister in the whole wide world.

I was watching last night’s ep of Parenthood. I love that show. It’s such a great show. How cute.

“…and then the maid becomes the princess! She staged a coup.”

Kids say the darnedest things.


Long time, no talk.

30 Mar

Sorry to readers like Wilson (I’m sure there are many of you who are just super devoted to reading this blog like he is) who check daily and see that my posts are unsatisfactory, lacking, or nonexistent.

But I doubt Wilson even reads anymore because he has better things on his mind.


I finished my behind-the-wheels today! About time. It took me like 7-8 months. I’m so lazy. I don’t know why I’m so lazy.

One of my friends reminded me in middle school that you will always have your friends. Guys will come and go, but don’t alienate the people who were there for you, are there for you, will be there for you. Something important to consider now that it’s springtime and, apparently, also mating season at my school.

I’m content with my life right now. I don’t know if I’m happy, but I’m not suffering either. Just content. Neither this way nor that way.

The other day I was talking to my friend about what I’ve observed about high school. I’m super jealous of people who have things figured out by high school but I could care less for people who have things figured out in high school. There’s a difference. A huge difference. People who have things figured out in high school think they’re the shit. They do stupid things because they think they’re invincible. They just are generally obnoxious and unnecessary. (Like this one girl I saw afterschool the other day. She walked up to a bunch of these asian freshmen chicks and she’s like, “do you guys go to irvine high?” Duh, they did. NO, they just happen to be leaving school at the same time as you but they’re actually in elementary school and just went to school right when the bell rang to walk off campus and look like high school students… it’s like, wow, shut the fuck up.)

The people who have things figured out by high school annoy me, only because I’m very envious.  I can name more than one too. I don’t know. Like I have a path and I know what I want, but I still feel like I don’t have things as decided for me. And things definitely don’t come easily to me. There are many people who think I’m an idiot and I kind of agree. Oh well.

I’m not even self-deprecating in the sense that I do it to not appear arrogant. I do it because I don’t think I’m the best. Though when I do, I’m very vocal.

I totally lost track of what I was talking about.

The other day I went to rent Precious from redbox at my local albertsons. This story is so aggravating that I do not even want to retell it in great detail. Let’s just say that this BITCH and her daughter decided to take 15 minutes to rent a movie when they saw a line of 5+ people behind them, and they took the last copy! And I showed my displeasure alright. I was very, very obvious in my displeasure.

One of my friends says she was diagnosed as mildly clinically depressed. I was surprised.

The only thing I know about mental illnesses is the rule of thumb: If you say that you have it, you don’t have it.

It’s hard to imagine that some of the bubbliest and happiest people may be slightly depressed. Either the psychiatrist/psychologist/other form of shrink is crazy, or maybe it’s right. These things are always so tricky.

P.S. Rorschach tests are the biggest piece of bullshit on the face of the planet. If you ever see a shrink who tells you to look at one and tell them what you see, say that you see an ax-murderer clown raping an elephant. “Butterfly” is such a stupid answer by this point that if you say you see a butterfly, I would diagnose you as stupid.

I would really like to be a psychiatrist in the future.

I don’t think anything in the world can possibly be more interesting.

I hope this suffices as a long, satisfying read.


25 Mar

There are people on twitter who make accounts supporting “Niley” (Nick Jonas + Miley Cyrus). Like these pre-adolescent girls who fantasize about Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus getting married.

HAHAH okay so admittedly, I did this too when I was in like the fourth grade. I used to think Dean and Rory were the cutest thing ever on Gilmore Girls. Until that other guy came around! UGH, homewrecker.

But this is like real life with real people and I just find it funny that they’re so obsessed with two people being together.

Mine was fan-fic status. 🙂

Life is so uneventful that I dread each coming day.

I was thinking about the movie Titanic in music the other day because our teacher decided to let us sight-read a compilation of songs from the film.

I can totally write some gushy shit like that. Twilight? I can write that. Harry Potter? Nope… you have to be high or something to write like that. Or blessed with some divine intervention.

My mom and I were discussing future career options and she thinks I might do well as a writer.

School is such a pressure cooker right now. SADNESS. We got our apush schedule for up to and after the AP test. NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO IT.

Zero period is over in like a month. Can you believe that I’ve been going to school at flipping 7 in the morning for the past year?

I am amazed with my determination 😡

Let’s rock these AP tests and get things over with so I can slack off again until senior year 🙂

If there’s one thing I have in common with Holden Caulfield…

22 Mar

it’s my desire to find someone to talk to.

I feel like there are so many things in my head that I really, really want to talk to someone about, but nobody gives a shit. So what do I do?

More than ever, I fantasize relationships where someone finally sits down with me and listens to me and doesn’t judge, or fight what I say. All they do is listen. No jokes, no teasing, no anything.

I would totally make a booty call in the middle of the night just to have that moment of understanding.

Quitting anything cold turkey sucks.

20 Mar

IT’S OKAY THOUGH, THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE. Just gotta buckle down and get over it.


Yeah… that includes… WATCHING TV. Which I did shitloads of today, by the way. And yeah. I was confined to my house today because we had to get our exterior paint done. I couldn’t go anywhere 😦

I’ve been finding a lot of happiness through omegle. If you eventually find someone you can actually talk to, you can get some really good advice and conversation out of the site.

A lot of times you have to bear with a pain in the ass person and you find someone different underneath it all!

I wasted all of today doing absolutely nothing. I need to convince my mom to let me get these boots off amazon.

Story of my life.


Oh, and happy birthday to my kid sister Alison.

19 Mar

She’s 7 today.

Exactly 7 years and 9 hours ago from right now, I held her in my arms for the first time.

And now I’m tearing up.

Happy birthday sister, best friend, unconditional number 1 fan.

100th post.

19 Mar

I know I said I wasn’t planning on posting regularly, but I deactivated my facebook. Now I have plenty of time on my hands to do more productive things. Like blog. BLOGGING IS ACTUALLY HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE FOR ME. It gets out all my excess energies so I can focus.

After some really, really deep soul-searching tonight, I have made a conscious decision to be more proactive with my life.

This week was such a reality check for me in many ways.

  1. I was there for someone who still refuses to be there for me. I cheered for someone who still refuses to cheer for me.
  2. I want someone to make my day. I want someone to remind me that I have a purpose in life.
  3. I’m tired of this computer screen.
  4. I’m tired of standing aside and watching everyone else live their lives.

I would not also like to note that there is an increased number of bugs in my house. It might be the warmer temps or something.

Lots of drama and excitement this week.

I will never find the time to document it all.

Waiting for the clock to wind down in quadruple overtime.