Today was no bueno.

10 Mar

I don’t take very good care of myself anymore. The only thing I know how to do is stress.

I stressed a lot today. People -cough- told me I might have problems with high blood pressure. UHHH YEAH, IF THAT CAUSES STRESS, HELLS YES MAYBE I HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE.

I have the SAT this weekend and scioly regionals on friday WTF. Yeah I’m kind of fucked. I’m not even overexerting myself… that’s the problem. I just don’t understand how I’m just kind of going crazy right now.

Wait until AP test time… yeah when that time comes, you guys will know I am fucked harder than porn stars.

^ my lame attempt at a joke, forgive me. Ha. …ha?

I need pills. Like stuff to calm me down. There are herbs out there that do that naturally right? Except it can do it to the point where your heart stops beating. That’s not that much of a risk though. I can totally accept that, as long as I don’t get advanced warning.

How do you decide between a guy who’s pretty amazing (and totally knows it) and a guy who isn’t as amazing but is way better as a person in terms of like personality? Ugh. I’m probably the type who would pick the former over the latter. (I am too shallow.)

I’m scared to death that I will die in my PE volleyball class. All the guys in that class are brutes. They are fucking violent as frfh;eoawru. I literally have to duck and cover sometimes out of fear that they will smack the ball right in my face. Which has happened before. And it hurt.

I love how stress comes in waves. Everything’s chill and then everything suddenly comes up. It’s like people IMing you. For a couple hours, it’s all chill and you don’t get any messages. Then suddenly, a billion people are messaging you for this and that. It’s like wtf, is this natural or something?!

I would like to take the time now to talk about something completely random and unnecessary.

War of the Worlds, the newest version that came out in 2005, included Gene Barry, a guy who was in the original film made in 1950. I was not aware of this until 20 seconds ago. He was snubbed at this year’s Academy Awards. Poor guy.

He played the grandfather in the newer version.

I liked that movie. It was like everything I wished had happened in Signs. (Oh, that M. Night Shyamfdwearwhatever is such a tease.) Probably the predecessor of District 9, which I haven’t seen yet. Still!

And speaking of M. Night Shyafewjariwhatever, I want a new movie from him that does not involve a live-action remake of a popular cartoon. It’s about time dude. And nothing lame like Lady in the Water please.

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