I listen to Liszt when I’m stressed out.

11 Mar

Why? Liszt must have been a playboy in his prime. His music is totally orgasmic.

It begins strong, and it builds and builds and reaches this insane level of amazingness. I love it. SUCH POWER. And then it suddenly dies away. And then it comes back! Yeahhhh. WEIRD. Definitely admirable. Lizst is a cool guy.

I went to all the high schools in my school district yesterday and today, in addition to a high school that’s almost part of my district but isn’t (long story). I can now rank all the schools in order of awesomeness based on the people I encountered in each school’s administration. I’ll go from worst to best (suspense!), five schools total including the one I currently attend, and use their mascots instead of names to avoid… “overzealous research.” Which is something I know a lot about, by the way 🙂

5. Vaqueros – My school, we suck. WE SUCK A LOT. The receptionist in our upstairs office is a fatty lady who brings tears to this world. Every time I go up there, I feel like I’m totally not welcome. Damnit, I wouldn’t be there if I didn’t need help. Thanks for not offering any! With the exception of our principal, who will hear you out if your parent tags along, most of the people who work in the office at my school suck.

4. Trojans – I didn’t really expect much from them. They’re numero cuatro but they are WAY BETTER than the people at my school by far. If I could draw out the comparison on like a number line, there’s a bigass difference between my school and this school. The receptionist was nice. Everyone else was kind of mean. I don’t really understand it. Ugh, they’re so rigid. I cried. To no avail!

3. Warriors – Nice people. Nothing exceptional. They didn’t make me wait a very long time. And they have a student aide that works in the office and actually helps! VERY COOL.

2. Patriots – THIS SCHOOL IS SO NICE. People there like to ditch a lot. Like 6 truancies in two weeks? “Can you PLEASE clear my absence/tardy?” Goodness. (This is the one school that I live really near and yet the school isn’t part of my district. This was more of a political decision they made a couple years ago when they first built the school. Whatever. You can totally tell that this school is way not like my district.) I didn’t get what I wanted from this school either, but they were friendly!

1. Timberwolves – Yeah, I kind of wish I got into this school when I applied to go to a school outside my assigned zone or whatever. This place is really nice. The lady that helped me was so sweet! And their assistant principal was so nice too! Ughhhhh yeah, my mom’s already decided that my sister’s going to go there in the future.

I don’t know why I just typed all that. I had to get it off my chest.

I’m being ambiguous for a reason. No, I won’t explain why!

It was a tough experience for me, except for a small gain at one school.

Oh well.

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