And the chain just eats away…

18 Mar

Today in lang I got back my synthesis paper. My teacher commented that while I deserved an 8 for the quality of the paper, I misinterpreted the prompt. I got a 4 instead. YES, MY LIFE ROCKS. I love how when I write a damn good paper, something like that happens. When I write a shitty paper and follow the prompt, that sucks too.

I went to the track meet today. It’s really interesting. I think track is really interesting. I could never do it. I don’t think it’s really much fun except for the people who run. I was with my friend who ran track the past two years but had to drop this year because of an injury. She admits that it’s boring unless you’re out there in the midst of it all. Which I’m not. Because I suck at running. And I hate it.

I’m not really a fan but whatever, I went out and showed support.


On the CAHSEE, there was some stupid question that was like “if n = 12, what is -n?”

OKAY, I GET IT, IT’S A STUPID QUESTION, BUT SOME PEOPLE SUCK AT MATH. YEAH, THERE ARE SENIORS IN ALGEBRA 1 OKAY. GOODNESS. There’s like a facebook group with 10k + members. Get over yourselves. When I took it, there was a question that asked for the square root of 16. It’s nothing special. We can all prove that we know basic arithmetic, SCORE!

Things in school are getting crazy in the next two months, so I’m going to focus on that. I’ll still post a couple entries, but I can’t guarantee any consistency. Sorry, but at least I warned you in advance!

Go find something more interesting to read.

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