25 Mar

There are people on twitter who make accounts supporting “Niley” (Nick Jonas + Miley Cyrus). Like these pre-adolescent girls who fantasize about Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus getting married.

HAHAH okay so admittedly, I did this too when I was in like the fourth grade. I used to think Dean and Rory were the cutest thing ever on Gilmore Girls. Until that other guy came around! UGH, homewrecker.

But this is like real life with real people and I just find it funny that they’re so obsessed with two people being together.

Mine was fan-fic status. πŸ™‚

Life is so uneventful that I dread each coming day.

I was thinking about the movie Titanic in music the other day because our teacher decided to let us sight-read a compilation of songs from the film.

I can totally write some gushy shit like that. Twilight? I can write that. Harry Potter? Nope… you have to be high or something to write like that. Or blessed with some divine intervention.

My mom and I were discussing future career options and she thinks I might do well as a writer.

School is such a pressure cooker right now. SADNESS. We got our apush schedule for up to and after the AP test. NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO IT.

Zero period is over in like a month. Can you believe that I’ve been going to school at flipping 7 in the morning for the past year?

I am amazed with my determination 😑

Let’s rock these AP tests and get things over with so I can slack off again until senior year πŸ™‚

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