Deciding which show I want to watch.

13 Apr

I hate it when I have two (or even three!) shows that I want to watch and they’re in the same time slot. OF COURSE, I can watch one and wait on the other, but how am I supposed to pick?

Tuesdays are Law & Order SVU days. I can watch that shit for hoursss. Tonight from 9:30-10:30 is Glee’s return (about time). Beginning at 10 are JUSTIFIED and PARENTHOOD, which in case you don’t know me at all, are my two newest television obsessions.

Thank goodness I don’t have any homework tonight. I’m still going to do some work but it makes me easier to watch everything.

I think in the end I might just go to sleep at 10 and watch everything all at once at some later time. Yay for hulu and sidereel!

I watch too much tv, so you don’t need to tell me that for the millionth time thanks!

I don’t know why, but I really like bridges. While I’m afraid of them too, like I’m scared of planets, I really like them too. I don’t get it. I like pictures of them, and I like being on a bridge and looking down. I’m such a strange individual. I only say this because today I was watching NLT’s music video for that one single they had a while back and it was shot partially on a bridge.

Have I ever mentioned how beautiful Alex Pettyfer is? I think I have. But now’s the time to reiterate.

I hate how all chickflicks have some kind of food/pillow/etc. fight at a sleepover. I have never had a food/pillow/etc. fight at a sleepover. Am I missing out? I’ve never done the whole paint nails, play outrageous truth or dare, avocado mask thing either. Maybe it’s just me.

Today we voted on class awards for my english class. Sorry, I have bad experiences with those things. I got like class clown and stuff in middle school. THANKS GUYS. I guess I come off as the humorous stupid type -_-

Wild Child: “Poppy, you are going to town, not a display window in Amsterdam!” I love this movie. Currently watching it. I think that’s what provoked the whole food/pillow/etc. fight digression. And I love Emma Roberts. She’s so gorgeous!

Another thing in chickflicks that doesn’t happen in real life? Going to a thrift store and finding something totally chic, vintage, or remotely cute. Well, no. Sometimes you get lucky! But not often. I’ve never done that whole thing where I try on a billion outfits either. Hahahaha, ACTUALLY, I did, but it went kind of badly, especially when the store’s employees get annoyed. Boo.


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