14 Apr

I love horoscopes. I think they’re a total sham, yet I have to admit they’re frighteningly accurate at times.

I feel really bad because I caught up on all the tv I missed last night after school today. That’s three freaking shows man. IT’S OKAY, IT WAS WORTH IT. I think the only thing I feel guilty about is still not knowing anything about stats at this point. AP tests are less than a month away… shit.

Teddy Geiger used to have such talent. Maybe he still has said talent. But what’s the point if it’s not even put to use! Potential gone to waste is just really too sad.

OKAY, so I have to talk about my first impressions of Glee’s return. I absolutely despise the mid-season hiatus that most shows are forced to have. I get why they have to have it, but it annoys me. I think it’s for production purposes and stuff (so they don’t have to keep making episodes until the summer comes) but it’s a major momentum killer. Shows that start out with critical claim need to keep that up instead of letting it die down. The break’s also supposed to build suspense, but it doesn’t. There have been a couple of times when it does, but DO YOU KNOW WHAT SUCKS? When expectations are not met after a freaking longass wait time. Just saying.

Today, my friend Jasmine told me she was disappointed by last night’s Glee. When I came home and watched it, that was still fresh in my mind. So yeah, I guess you can say that I set myself up to like it even if it was subpar.

I THOUGHT IT WAS REALLY GOOD. I think I’m going to like the new story lines.

THAT’S ANOTHER THING ABOUT GOOD TELEVISION. You think everything’s going the way you want it to, and then you realize at that rate, the show’s going to end up being a total bore. But I think new storylines are so freaking impossible to come up with.

Two examples:

BAD: 90210. That show drives me freaking insane. Guilty pleasure? Yes. Good television? Hell no. Take, for example, Naomi and Liam, and follow their stories. Naomi pursues Liam, Liam rejects her, they end up together, Liam has a bad day, Liam sleeps with Jen, Naomi gets mad at him, they break up, long time passes, Liam finds out Jen was Naomi’s sister, Jen threatens Liam, truth comes out, Liam and Naomi end up together again, Naomi begins rumor about some teacher sexually harassing her, Liam fights for Naomi, Naomi’s in her little web of lies. Lulz I can’t actually believe I’ve watched it this far and know everything that’s going on. It’s a total soap opera.

GOOD: Friday Night Lights. I swear I had no idea what they were going to come back with for the fourth season. I kind of wished they left it at season 3, but it seemed so incomplete. They left it ambiguous on purpose in case the show was going to be canceled. So at the end of last season, I kind of wished it got canceled. Because this season could’ve been an utter disaster. Of course, when it came time to promote this season, the actors all said “this season is the best so far” blah blah blah. Well, duh, they have to say that, but I didn’t believe it for a second. And then I watched season 4. And I love the writers. They have twists, but they’re subtle and more mellow. They knew they went wrong in season 2 with the whole Tyra almost getting raped and then killing the guy who tried to rape her and then driving his car into a lake -_- at least they learned from that nightmare…

Wow, I just outdid myself.

I think I should write for EW when I grow up.

Parenthood as usual made me cry. Being a parent seems like a nightmarish yet oddly fulfilling thing. Amber is such a selfish little ^#%&^% okay just thought I’d throw that out there!

Justified. Um. Not much to say. Timothy Olyphant is beautiful. The show is beautiful. Raylan’s father is major d-bag status. That is all! Next week probably has to do with Ava’s deceased husband’s father getting out of jail and going after her for shooting him. Good stuff.

That was my tv rant.

I am currently telling my friend that he and I are compatible according to the stars.

[Did you see what I did there with the circular structure? Beginning and ending with horoscopes? YAY FOR ORGANIZATIONAL STRATEGIES!]

2 Responses to “Horoscopes.”

  1. Mysterious Annie Lover April 17, 2010 at 7:26 pm #

    You watch way too much TV.

    And that was a major circular structure fail. Horoscope–random jump to long-ass TV review–random jump back to horoscopes. Transition?

    Hehehe but I love your blog (I think). I don’t read them though, because you just tell me the same things in person when I see you. 😛

    • Annie April 17, 2010 at 7:32 pm #

      THANKS EMILY. i’m glad you come here to comment and don’t read even though you specifically refer to things i talk about… -_-

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