So many views today that I thought I should delight you guys with an encore!

17 Apr

Oh my gosh, a blog encore, I don’t even think that exists! I just pioneered something awesome! Oh my gosh!!! Yay me!!!!!!111111111111

I bought my mom a snuggie today. She’s been talking about getting one for a really long time. I felt terrible because I told her snuggies were for freaking retards who were too lazy to keep readjusting their blanket when they’re on the couch. They’re really not that bad. Slightly lame, but I can understand the convenience. And someone like my mommy deserves convenience, especially in the comfort of her own home!

Right now, all I want to do is cry my eyes out.

(This is a really bad encore, sorry.)

I tried so hard. I tried so fucking hard. In the end… I couldn’t do it. I’m falling. I don’t know. What am I supposed to do?

Why can I not be happy with what I have?

Greed. Jealousy and greed. That’s all I can feel. And sadness.

I just want this to be over for good.

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