Tabasco sauce.

18 Apr

I think I talked about getting a bottle of Tabasco sauce a week ago. Have I ever explained why I love it?

The first time I ever tried it on anything, I thought it was weird because it has a really strong smell. And it didn’t taste really spicy at first. And all of a sudden your mouth starts burning. Intense! I don’t know, it’s such a good combining of the senses.

I’m watching the Lizzie McGuire Movie with my sister. What a fabulous film!!!!!11111

Identity theft alert!!! Some dipshit’s trying to steal my dad’s Discover card at a Bed Bath and Beyond. TWO ATTEMPTS HAVE BEEN MADE. I don’t really get it. Why the fuck are you trying to use someone else’s card for a small purchase at Bed Bath and Beyond?! Giggles.

Now I only want one credit card when I’m older. I don’t want to take care of the Mastercard and Visa and Discover and American Express all separately. Just use one and let it be done!

But I’m glad these credit card companies are sharp with fraud alerts. Boo fraud! Yay alerts!

I caught up on Tuesday’s 90210 last night. I thought it was really funny. Obviously all high school sophomores (the characters have clearly stated that they are sophomores) can drive, are lesbian, enjoy cheating on their significant others, and lying about sexual harassment by a teacher. I’m just saying.

I watched Teen Mom this morning. As much as I dislike any shows on MTV (music television my ass), I find this show truly endearing. But I don’t condone accidental pregnancy at that early of an age. I don’t care if the condom broke, the birth control failed… whatever. Who the fuck has sex that early? Well IDK but there are people at my school who are sexually active and it’s disgusting. Forgive me for being naive but when has sex ever been a pivotal part of high school?

I LOVE THE SCENE IN MOVIES where a couple is looking up at the night sky and there are fireworks/lots of stars/a comet and the girl goes, “it’s so beautiful!” and the guy goes “I KNOW” as he looks at the girl. Goodness. So CLICHE.

Awww did I ruin some precious movie moments just now? BOO HOO.

For more srs bsns instead of my nonsense bantering…

I think I’m going to come clean.  Today. I’ve accepted my feelings. I embrace them! Honesty is the best policy. I’ve come to terms with what I have to do and I’m going to do it. Even though I know what I’m risking.

I’m surprised that a lot of times when I encounter a site that requires a username and password, I type something in and half the time I get logged in. I have weird memory.

Watching the Indycar race in Long Beach. I told myself I would go to this race this year but I’m not there. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MEEEE?! Okay. I will go NEXT YEAR. I will try my damnest to go to the Long Beach GP and the Auto Club 500/Pepsi 500 🙂

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