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30 May

Well, that was exciting.

I spent basically the entire day with my eyes glued to the tv. Well not really. I went to the park with my sister and played volleyball. And we went to lollicup and got boba. But otherwise, yeah.

I slept early (for a Saturday night) so I could wake up this morning and be ready to watch some racing. Ohhhhhhhhh my.

Indy 500. I think the field gets worse every year. As much as I think Dario is amazing for putting on a dominant performance, it made the race that much more dull. Even though 33 cars qualify, half of them (or even more than that) aren’t even capable of competing with the likes of the bigger teams like Ganassi, Penske, and Andretti Autosports. I didn’t think it was going to be an exciting race, but I didn’t want to say anything beforehands until I actually watched at least a portion of the race.

Oh, and as much as I accept that the yellow came out after the white flag and the field is frozen no matter what, I don’t appreciate a race that takes the checkers under yellow!

BUT Marco Andretti pulled off a third place finish 🙂


Kyle Buschhhhhh made a huge comeback to finish 3rd in the Coca Cola 600. I was really pissed with the pit road incident. Especially since they’re headed over to Pocono next week, I really hoped he would get a good finish this week. And he did a good job 🙂 Though even as a KB fan, I feel bad for Jeff Burton. Burton’s luck has been shit of late. So has Johnson’s, but really? I wouldn’t care if the 48 wrecks every week from now on. Won enough championships already -_-

I made pizza for my dad and sister today 🙂 It wasn’t that bad. Yay! No one’s complaining of digestive issues yet, so I think I’m safe.

Ummmmmm I hope I do something tomorrow with the family.

Watchingggggg Order of the Phoenixxxxxxxxxxx tonight with my dad and sister. Spent too long in front of a tv today, but whatever. I’m so over thissssssss



29 May

MY BAD, Bruton Smith (not Humpy Wheeler) offered the bonus for winning the Indy 500 and Coca Cola 600 in the same day. Something like $20 million. And Jeff Gordon was like, “I wouldn’t do it for $100 million.”

I WOULD, JUST SAYINGGGGGGGGGG. That’s a lot of money. I’d retire for good.

It would be the LONGEST DAY EVER though. Haaaaaaa going from Indianapolis to Charlotte. That’s 1100 miles spent on track, plus a nice flight. Shitttt son.

Dear person,
We are on the same page half the time, and we could not be in more different places the other half of the time.
I like that you’re now sorry for being so stupid, but saying sorry doesn’t fix the problem. And I don’t want to have to keep telling you what the problem is and having you be more sorry and then it’s just this whole heap of apologies that don’t mean shit.
It’s like on days where our conversations are good, I fall hard for you. Again.
On days where I don’t even understand why we’re talking, well… I just don’t even understand why we’re talking.
Oh, and you really don’t know me nearly as well as you think you do, so stop making assumptions. There’s a line, and you cross it. A lot. And I know it’s like you’re trying to be funny, but it’s not working.
Sorry, but there’s nothing more I can really do to try and make things work.
I don’t know if you genuinely give a shit deep down inside because you have a shit way of showing it.
You have a shit way of showing most emotions in general actually. And it annoys me a lot.
You need to make up your damn mind and stick with it.
Love, Annie
P.S. Hope you feel better tonight

What do YOU do on a Friday night? / Memorial Day weekend plansss (the original title was really lame)

28 May

Bombtastic. I feel like such a bamf. Like just so badass.

I felt this badass when I sneaked into a rated R movie for the first time with a ticket to another movie.

Then I found out why these movies are rated R.

The Black Dahlia… LOL :’) memories. Like me not being able to sleep that night because I kept seeing the image of some poor girl’s mutilated corpse on my front yard.

THIS WEEK WAS LIKE an absolute roller coaster. As expected. Though more so than usual.

Yesterday, I had a physics test. I failed it. I feel like complaining about the unfairness of the test, but that’s just a whining excuse. Realistically, I should’ve been able to draw both fucking ray diagrams. But is a converging lens way easier than a diverging mirror? Yes. Especially when diverging mirrors were not covered during regular instruction time. But I should’ve learned it. But still.

Then I came home and checked the mail. I got my license 🙂 and an invite to the Heritage Awards, which is kind of this ceremony that my school has at the end of the year. Top students (in academics) basically get to show off how fucking brilliant they are. And then we all know who’s smart blah blah. My mom’s been bugging me about not getting an invite this late in the year, and she said that I probably didn’t get one this year. Thanks, mother.

This weekend is actually going to be kind of interesting for once.

I never do anything on Friday nights except basically sit back and watch TV. (Which, by the way, is now way better since my dad reordered HD and now I have a bunch of amazing channels in HD. Though he could’ve done this a week earlier so I didn’t have to miss the all-star race.)

Tonight, I’m watching Shutter Island with Sara. Yaaaaaaaay for cheap movies. And being able to buy a ticket for the movie. And driving myself to the theater.

Tomorrow, my dad wants me to go to San Diego. I hate San Diego LOL I have no fond memories from that place. But I suppose I’ll go. He wants me to do some hardcore driving all the way. Fabulous. Anyways, one of his colleagues or college friends or whatever is having a barbeque, and my dad really wants to go, and he insists that I go as well. Ohhhhhh goodness. I’m still deciding. I think I’m going to go.



So a couple weeks ago, I think I heard one of the commentators saying something about Humpy Wheeler giving a bonus to any driver who could pull off the wins in Indy and Charlotte on the same day.

I don’t think pulling that off is worth any sum of money. That would be priceless.

You have the Indy 500, which is already a huge huge huge huge race for any motorsports fan. It’s the highlight of the Indycar series. It’s been around for more than 90 years. It’s just huge. I’m still waiting for an Andretti to pull through. 🙂

Then you have the Coca Cola 600, the longest race in the NASCAR season. Begins in the afternoon, ends under the bright lights of LMS. Race of attrition. LONGASS RACE.

So guess what I’m doing on Sunday?

On Monday, neither of my parents are working, which is really rare, so we’re probably gonna do something together as a family.

And it’s BACKKKKKKK to school for a few weeks.

I’m almost a senior. Weird.

I’m tripping out right now.

25 May

Quite literally. As I’m typing right now. I feel like I’m swaying on a boat. I have no idea what’s going on.


I have a lot of work to do. I have yet to do said work.

I do this a lot. I’m always like “I have so much shit to do,” and I spend more time talking about all the shit I have to do than actually doing that shit. Annie so seeeellly.

This was a totally unnecessary blog post. I don’t even know why I’m publishing it. I think I’ll delete it if I come back in a day or two and realize it’s a total eyesore.

Telegraphic sentences and nonexistent paragraphing.

Leaving facebook once again.

24 May

Because the CEO needs to stop imposing on my privacy!

Jaykay he can do whatever he wants, I don’t really complain about my invasion of privacy unless my social security number, home address, etc. are revealed to anyone and everyone.

Emily and I were talking about how retarded facebook is. I think the only thing that ever keeps me from really deleting it for good is the photos. I have a lot of pictures on there. I’ve had two computers die on me in the past five years, and that’s a lot of pictures. And I deleted some stuff on my camera after I uploaded it to the computer, and now it’s all gone, except the ones I put up on facebook. Grrrrr. Otherwise, I would’ve been for real gone a long time ago. It makes us faker, less genuine, less connected. I feel like what facebook did for me was link me with a lot of people at my school who I don’t even talk to regularly, if at all.


I bang this thing against my desk multiple times every day. I’m gonna be depressed when it eventually falls apart from abuse and neglect -_-

So like on twitter, there are trending topics (TTs). Before twitter changed its algorithm for TTs, Justin Bieber trended… a lot.

Sometimes you get really newsworthy TTs – something about an earthquake, flood, hurricane, etc. Hella white adults from WASP families usually are responsible for this.  Then you get the TTs that are like #youahobecause and (currently) #stuckonstupidface. Hella black people and slutty teenage girls usually are responsible for these.


Today I had lunch on my own. It was really nice. I don’t like being with other people, especially when I would much rather curl up in a corner and die not talk to anyone. I feel like in those situations, being surrounded by a lot of people aggravates the loneliness even more. So yes, you can be in a room filled with people and still feel lonely as hell. Though that kinda makes me sound like I’m depressed.

When I want to be alone, I want to be alone. I don’t want anyone around me. I want to eat alone, I want to get coffee alone, I want to walk around the park alone. I normally want to be alone too. I don’t like making an effort to go out with people, etc. Just not how I rollllllll y’hear?!?!

I just found out school freaking starts before Labor Day this year. THAT PISSES ME OFF. I told my mom that we always start after Labor Day, and lo and befuckinghold. That means I’m gonna miss the beginning of the school year! Grrrr.

It’s okay, I’ll be kickin’ it in a third world country yeeeeeeeeee be jealous !


23 May

My dad just gave me his old camcorder, the one we bought to record all of Alison’s firsts when she was a baby (first steps, first words, etc.). I want to make a movie! I’m seriously approaching this more seriously with each day. Film is such a beautiful medium. Next year is going to be a kickass year (hopefully). Why not document it all?!

And I want to tackle that book and that film I’ve been dying to write. I have so much to say, and I want to make it happen. I’m going to be proactive instead of passive and MAKE SHIT HAPPEN. YEAH YEAH?!

I feel like I’ve evolved as a person. Obviously. We all change. And as that happens, our relationships with other people change.

I used to be really content, and I let myself get pushed around, and then I secretly retaliated with rumors and gossip behind other people’s backs. Now, I say things to your face, and I go after what I want (for the most part), though this often means that I wrongly convey what I mean to say. That’s the problem with words.  They’re there for you to use, but it’s so hard to use the right ones. Emotions are so much above one word, or even ten words, or even a thousand words. I’ve gotten better at it, but “better” isn’t exactly good.


I’ve realized that there are a lot of people who were in my life who are no longer there. And I’m damn glad they aren’t. When I think back on my times with those people, I really can’t remember much other than the bad. One person in particular, I was thinking about last year and how everyone thought we were really close. We weren’t really that close at all. And this year he’s just… different. I don’t want to call him a jerk, because then I would just be spiteful, but he changed into a person that I knew he’d become, a person I just do not want to associate with anymore. And now when he walks by me at school, I’m not even recognized as someone who used to be a friend. I’m a nobody to him now. Sorry, that kind of offends me, considering last year we were fairly good friends.

What’s hard about our current situation is that as much as he tells me we’re just friends, I treat him like he’s not just my friend. Our relationship changes so much too, even hour to hour, and it totally blindsides me. We can be fine and laughing and happy with everything, and the next minute everything is suddenly cold. I’m always falling and falling, and then I hit the ground. Thud.

I don’t know, I’ve been thinking about it, and he’s not really special. He’s not average, but he’s not like mindblowingly amazing and perfect.

It doesn’t really matter though, I’m not the only person in the picture now. That bugs me, but whatever. Something I have to live with.

Protected: Out of creative titles.

21 May

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