Annie is such a drama queen.

4 May

I’m over it. As long as I don’t keep talking to Emily about it, I’m fine.

It’s kind of like we agreed on being friends. Friends don’t get all pissy just because the other friend says that he should’ve told the friend earlier that he didn’t like the friend.

That didn’t make sense, but I don’t even care. It makes sense in my little jumbled brain ❤

I went on chatroulette for the first time today. Didn’t see any dicks until like my third or fourth person. A lot of people disconnected on me right after seeing me. That hurt my feelings 😦 But I met some cool people:

-Guy from NC that works at the apple store. First person I chatrouletted with! Cool guy.

-Adorable German guy. He’s from Berlin, and he’s 21. It was like 3 in the morning for him when I was talking to him. He’s on spring break? And he thinks girls from Miami Beach are flyyyyy. 🙂 What a cutie. He wants to learn English better. Oh, and he’s Bosnian, dislikes Serbians, and has the most beautiful gray-blue eyes I’ve ever seen.

-Group of Canadian university students who were out having dinner. I told them I like Degrassi. Bahaha they were cool. Except one girl thought I was like 12 and she wanted to put me in her pocket. That’s all I ever heard her say… “She’s so adorable, I want to put her in my pocket!” -_- Otherwise, there was a cute asian guy in the group. And this one kid with glasses who was kinda cute. And this girl who told me I’m beautiful. SELF-CONFIDENCE LEVELS SHOT UP RIGHT THERE MAN. No one ever tells me I’m beautiful, like for real. That was sweet of them.

Currently studying for AP calc tomorrow. Then APUSH on Friday. APES next Tuesday, Lang next Wednesday. AND I’M HOME FREEEEE.

I had to pick up my AP student packet thing today. This thing represents all that I hate about AP testing. And yet I still have the one from last year. I feel like it brought me luck.

Annie defies the odds, that’s what she does. Just not when it comes to statistics, because evidently Annie defies odds, not statistics 😦

I’m so tired. I slept like zero last night. Ughhhhhhhhhh unhealthinesssssssssss

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