30 May

Well, that was exciting.

I spent basically the entire day with my eyes glued to the tv. Well not really. I went to the park with my sister and played volleyball. And we went to lollicup and got boba. But otherwise, yeah.

I slept early (for a Saturday night) so I could wake up this morning and be ready to watch some racing. Ohhhhhhhhh my.

Indy 500. I think the field gets worse every year. As much as I think Dario is amazing for putting on a dominant performance, it made the race that much more dull. Even though 33 cars qualify, half of them (or even more than that) aren’t even capable of competing with the likes of the bigger teams like Ganassi, Penske, and Andretti Autosports. I didn’t think it was going to be an exciting race, but I didn’t want to say anything beforehands until I actually watched at least a portion of the race.

Oh, and as much as I accept that the yellow came out after the white flag and the field is frozen no matter what, I don’t appreciate a race that takes the checkers under yellow!

BUT Marco Andretti pulled off a third place finish 🙂


Kyle Buschhhhhh made a huge comeback to finish 3rd in the Coca Cola 600. I was really pissed with the pit road incident. Especially since they’re headed over to Pocono next week, I really hoped he would get a good finish this week. And he did a good job 🙂 Though even as a KB fan, I feel bad for Jeff Burton. Burton’s luck has been shit of late. So has Johnson’s, but really? I wouldn’t care if the 48 wrecks every week from now on. Won enough championships already -_-

I made pizza for my dad and sister today 🙂 It wasn’t that bad. Yay! No one’s complaining of digestive issues yet, so I think I’m safe.

Ummmmmm I hope I do something tomorrow with the family.

Watchingggggg Order of the Phoenixxxxxxxxxxx tonight with my dad and sister. Spent too long in front of a tv today, but whatever. I’m so over thissssssss

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