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30 Jun

THIS POST IS FOR EMILYYYYYYYY because I don’t think I’ll be posting tomorrow so I’m just going to do this ahead of time. (But check your email if possible because I’ll be flooding you with messages and advice and requests, especially for that stop in London.)

The title consists of all my knowledge of the French language besides “bonjour” and whatever lyrics in Lady Marmalade are not English.

She’s leaving for France tomorrow! I think I might’ve mentioned something about this before. Anyways she’s going to France with my other friend Kelsey and they’re spending 10 days over there and yeah. Hahaha lucky bitches. They’re going to meet some hot European guys, I know it. I KNOW IT. Like Annie foresees it; thus it will happen. SOOOOOO JEALOUS. I hope you have fun babe ❀ think about Benjamin and the proximity of Denmark while you’re there! (“I have no idea where the fuck Denmark is”)

I talked to my dad about going to England next summer. Because if I’m going to go, I think I have to take my dad, at least for a little while. He’s been before, and although that was ages ago, he could still show me a thing or too. Like that statue of Karl Marx… LOL oh silly asians.

Apparently it’s hard to get a visa to get over there though since I’m not yet a US citizen. Three more years to wait 😦 Perhaps a college graduation gift? That seems so far from now HAHAH boo…

So tomorrow I probably won’t be blogging because I’ll be busy either throwing a hissy fit or celebrating endlessly.

AP exam scores are available by phone tomorrow.

Didn’t call in last year, but with a B in apush, I’m calling in tomorrow. I need a 4 or 5. I better have gotten a 4 or 5.

I really don’t give a shit about my AP scores, but now I kind of do. I really like have a 4.0 unweighted GPA, not gonna lie, and while 3.97 is pretty much 4.0 when rounded, 3.97 screams “superior with exception” instead of “unanimously superior.” Not to be picky, but I just like being able to boast about my unanimous superiority.


I would love to get a 4 or 5 on the apush exam to get an A in apush and maintain my perfect GPA, but if that’s not possible, I won’t be sobbing hysterically either. I’ll just be disappointed in myself.

But whenever I feel academically disappointed, I think about the whole physics situation and how I empowered myself and studied and pulled off what I considered to be impossible, if not at least highly unlikely. And instantly I feel better.

My dad’s been coughing up a storm lately. We have some Cepacol, and I’ve been telling him to take it for days because I feel so bad for him. (If you don’t know what Cepacol is, it’s an OTD cough drop that completely numbs your throat for an hour or so. Super powerful, feels like a prescription anesthetic. Took it when I had a killer sore throat earlier this year.) My dad’s one of those people who suspect all medicines and feels like they’re all either ultimately ineffective or somewhat damaging to long-term health.


Okay, I’m just a little cranky since I woke up early.

Oh, and this kinda crosses over into the realm of soccer but not really so I’ll put it here before my soccer section.

Yesterday, Emily showed me the most amazing tumblr blog EVER. EVER. EVER. EVER.

Basically what every woman/gay man wants. All our sexual frustrations and fantasies.

Most of the submissions are about “Nando” AKA Fernando Torres who is like retarded looking but okay whatever floats everyone’s boat… yeah HAHAHAHHA

HOWEVER, to make it insta-appealing, every time I see Nando or Fernando Torres blah blah I replace his name with Joe Hart. And then I am uplifted πŸ˜€

I’ve never read a funnier blog in my life. If I ever feel down, I will read some entries and find myself not at all upset.

My favorite: “i would let diego maradona snort coke off my tits any time he wanted to”

Runner ups:

  • (CLOSE SECOND) “i just want cristiano ronaldo to help with my makeup and then go tanning with me”
  • “Wayne Rooney I have never in my life wanted to fuck someone so badly. I need it. I want to grab onto the little hair you have left while you do me wildly. I want to hold on to those pale milky white thighs and never ever let go. I need you wayne rooney. I dont care if england is dissapointed in you, you can come live on my bed any day.”
  • “raymond domenech i d c how old you are i would definitely fuck you. you are such a sexy old man. you seem so sassy and angry, i bet you’re great in bed.Β ps i am an astronomy major”
  • “all i want to do is take out fernando torres spleen and keep it in a jar under my bed.”


Someone said in some English newspaper article that England’s Euro 2012 team should consist of Hart; G Johnson, Terry, Ferdinand, A Cole;Β  Rodwell; Walcott, Gerrard, Milner, A Johnson; Rooney.

I LIKE IT πŸ˜€ because that means basically everyone I love is playing. My baby’s the starting keeper, then Terry’s still old but going strong as a defender (paired with Ferdinand), Gerrard is still playing (probably paired with Rooney), Adam Johnson finally gets on the team AND gets to start, Milner (with his stick up his ass) plays, Walcott is in, Rooney’s the lone striker.

Way better than that stupid 4-4-2 shit -_-


And I love that blog.

Okay, so two huge matches on Friday and Saturday. Brazil/Netherlands and Germany/Argentina. The other two are ehhh, you know.

I’M EXCITED! Go Germany πŸ˜€


Raw almonds own my soul.

28 Jun

Like they’re just so amazing. I freaking love almonds. They’re my favorite nut. Peanuts are gross. Pistachios are gross. Pecans are okay, but they are not nearly as amazing as almonds.

I feel so retarded for gushing about how much I love almonds right now.

Saw the trailer for HP7 today. I AM SO EXCITED. I don’t really get excited about new release movies anymore, but I am excited about this one. It’s kind of like… this is one of those things that defines our generation. How can I not be one of the first to see it? It’s the end of an era, you know, the one that preceded vampires and werewolves fighting over some girl…

My left wrist is still bothering me. And now it’s my left shoulder too. I feel like I’m lying on it awkwardly at night when I sleep or something, but yeah. It’s really bad. I should get it checked out.

Does speed dating sound like it fun? I think it does. I was watching an allstate commercial, and it got me thinking. Fifteen minutes to get to know someone? HAHA oh gooooodness I would be the only person doing the talking.


  • The Dutch look really, really good. Like offensively and defensively. Especially defensively.
  • Argentina and Germany both have decent defense and strong offense, which makes for a really exciting game. So I’m even more excited to see this match now.
  • Now, for England. If you’re going to play in the world cup, get that domestic shit out of your head. You can go back to your club teams and play later, but for a month can you just focus on the fucking task at hand? APPARENTLY NOT. Capello needs to go, and based on what FA leaders are saying, he’s getting the boot. You just don’t stick with something that isn’t working, but no… let’s stick with the 4-4-2 and matchups that don’t work, and let’s get some half-fit players in the game, and let’s move players that are COMFORTABLE IN THEIR USUAL POSITIONS to make room for those half-fit players, and let’s keep the youth of the team on the bench because they clearly just can’t play on an international level, even though the Germans played a good fraction of their U21 players which obviously seemed to work. Lampard, Terry, and Gerrard are going to be out in Brazil in four years, and Terry would have the best chance of making the squad only because he’s a defender, but it’s obvious he’s just not playing as well as he can. August 11: new lineup is announced for Euro 2012 before a friendly with Hungary. They better include U21 players in the senior squad. For the record, I called the whole Joe Hart needs to be number one thing. πŸ™‚
  • Still excited to see Germany and Argentina play… haha and kind of waiting for Messi to finally score a damn goal.
  • Ummmmmm hi Netherlands please beat Brazil thx

Not going to talk about soccer… kind of.

27 Jun

I realized that in the two years since I stopped seriously following Premier League action, a lot has happened.

I giggled uncontrollably when I saw this. Seriously, I don’t understand the problem.

NO, I’m not saying cheating on your wife is okay, but it’s like he slept with Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend after they broke up. Well, I do get that Wayne and that chick have a kid together, but like… LOL that’s just kind of funnay just saying.

And of course, you gotta love the fans who have to give him hell for his mistakes.

I thought of something I could talk about.

I went to target with my dad and sister today. We needed to get my sister some toothpaste, and my mom’s been nagging me about helping her get my sister some new swim goggles, so I decided to hit up the goggles aisle. And I found swim caps. And my mom’s been nagging me about swim caps too, so I was like “wow thank you target for once again being my salvation, heck yes for killing two birds with one stone.”

So I get the little junior sized swim cap that’s supposed to be for children 6-14.

My dad takes it out of the little package, since it’s like really easy to open and close and stuff, and he tries to put it on my sister’s head.


And then I’m like “okay, I’ll go grab an adult one, maybe that’ll fit.”

So then I go get it and give it to my dad, and he tries to pull it on my sister’s head again. And it still doesn’t fit.

And then my dad proceeds to claim that swim caps are destructive and will deplete your brain cells and turn your brains to jelly and give you migraines and…

And then he tries to pull the cap over his own head. AND HE LOOKS LIKE SUCH A DOOFUS.

Okay, sorry, it was a you-had-to-be-there moment. But basically I was standing in the middle of the electronics/toy aisle laughing like a madman and people looked at me like one too.

Story of my life right there.

Sorry, I’m gonna blab about soccer.

27 Jun

Don’t read this if you’re going to get annoyed 😦 I swear I won’t talk about anything but soccer, so you won’t miss out on anything. And seriously, nothing interesting is going on in my life right now, so there isn’t anything else to talk about. To my loyal reader(s) (Emily), I apologize! Check back tomorrow or something… LOL I’ll figure out something else to talk about.

Speaking of Emily, she was such a lovely friend this morning and texted me at 6:39 to ask if I was awake and watching the game. I had set my alarm to 7, which is when kickoff is, but since I was awake, I got myself out of bed and ran to the tv. And I sat there and watched the entire match, including overtime, start to finish. I even woke up my little sister after the second goal. Hehehe -sheepish grin-

Okay, so going into the match, I knew if Ozil, Boateng, and Schweinsteiger were all fit for play, Germany would win, even if Rooney finally decided to show up and start playing worth a damn.

Ozil, Boateng, and Schweinsteiger were all fit for play.

Oh boy… and I mean absolutely and totally fit for play.

I’m not going to lie, the first time I saw Ozil play, I thought he was one of those young naive players that are perky and fun to watch but terrible in terms of self-control and judgment. Like he is absolutely bursting at the seams with energy, and it’s just because he’s 20 or 21. So yeah, he’s fun to watch, but would he really be good enough to help Germany win the world cup?


If you read my tweets from this morning, you know that I absofreakinglutely adore this guy for what he did in the match against England today. I think he is Germany’s future. He can keep himself in check and not crack under pressure. He’s fast when he needs to be, and despite my initial criticisms about how he plays way too eagerly, I realized that that’s not something to criticize. He goes after the ball, and he’s damn good at making things happen. It’s like he can find all these openings that no one else can.

This guy is going to do amazing things for Germany in years to come. As long as he keeps his nose clean. And doesn’t start acting like a major doucheface like Cristiano Ronaldo -gag-

TRUE TALENT. AHHHHHHHHH yeah. I still love Podolski and Klose, but Ozil is fucking impressive.

That Mueller guy did work too. I’M PROUD.

Like this German team is so freaking young and at the same time so apt and mature, and they are remarkable at maintaining their composure. I really like what Klose said after the match. England did look like the better team based on its lineup and its big stars, but you know, France has good players too, and look what happened to them.

NOW… I know that the goal by Lampard was indeed a goal. You would have to be an idiot to not see it. I kinda panicked when I did first see it because I was pretty sure it was in, and then I took a deep breath, and suddenly the commentators were saying that it didn’t count because it didn’t cross the goal line.

As much as I love Germany, that was a really shitty call. Yeah, Germany would’ve won today in the end, no matter what, but really?

There are going to be plenty of people who say that it was just one goal, but that one goal was an equalizer. And that does WONDERS for a team’s confidence, yeah? So I definitely agree with what Capello said, England’s entire tactical strategy would’ve changed. They would’ve played differently. And it would not have been that bad of a beatdown for England.

I feel for England.

I would also like to note that David James sucked majorly huge testicles at goalie today. HONESTLY MAN. Capello’s dumb for not trusting Joe Hart as goalie. I say that not as Joe Hart’s future significant other (HAHA) but as someone who actually wanted England to do well today. David James was mediocre, and he failed to block some shots. I think it’s his age… like he doesn’t feel as invincible as some 23-year-old confident douchelord, even though that’s exactly what he needed to do. Goalies cannot show weakness. At all. Ever. Just don’t do it.


I guess I’m just bitter that I have to wait another four years to see my baby in action 😦

Okay, I’m just being plain mean now.

I don’t like Capello. Have I ever established that? After reading this article, I disliked him even more. I know Machiavelli said it was better to be feared than loved, but I don’t agree. Well… no, I kind of agree. As a manager, you have to assert authority, obviously, or no one’s ever going to listen to you. And Capello showed his authoritative side. I mean, I feel like the English could’ve suffered the same problems as the French, except when Terry came out and started criticizing Capello, it was like the iron fist came down and declared Terry an imbecile and a traitor. And Terry came out looking like a total jackass for trying to begin an insurrection against the manager.

I don’t know if Capello should continue to be the English manager. I’m just saying. I mean if the ends justified the means, but they don’t…

Germany/Argentina on Saturday. I did not want to see this matchup in the quarterfinals. Again. It’s unfair to see either side go home so early. I mean this is like a game you should see in the finals.

I feel like Argentina still remembers the loss from four years ago, and they’re gonna start strong. But I feel like if Germany plays the way it played today, they’re going to take the win. And if it’s penalties… LORDY, I hope Neuer is as good as Lehmann was, even though I know he’s not. But I hope he’s been doing his homework at least. Argentina no es bueno at penalties, remember that πŸ™‚ and Germany’s got the best record.

Hi, referees need to stop sucking so much. FIFA needs to come out from under its rock and realize that technology is here, whether they like it or not, and teams are being subjected to many injustices because of their stubborn refusal to come to terms with gadgets like – WAIT FOR IT – cameras.

Goodness I am so excited for the match on Saturday.

Like seriously guys, I’m sitting here typing this up, and I want it to be Saturday so bad. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Like I said earlier, sorry I blabbed about soccer for a whole post. I gave y’all fair warning.


26 Jun

I went to watch Disney’s Oceans today.

Okay, so my friend was like “why would you watch that if you’re afraid of oceans?”

WELL, mister, I am rather interested by the ocean.

Now, I don’t like still satellite images of the ocean. Or still images of most creatures — fine, all creatures. Or images of Earth from the international space station.

BUT I find the ocean to be absolutely fascinating. It houses all these animals, and it’s so vast, and it’s so endless, and it’s just many kinds of amazing. I know that’s kind of the same reason why I don’t like the ocean, but when have I ever really made sense as a person?

I didn’t learn anything new at all from this documentary. It’s all basic stuff that you learn in your high school biology class, nothing especially surprising. It spotlights a lot of marine life that most people wouldn’t know off the tops of their heads.

The most incredible thing about the movie is how visually stunning it is. Like I don’t know how they got a lot of the footage.

And there were otters and seals and baby sea turtles and dolphins!


It was a pretty good movie. Check it out of you can find a theater that’s still showing it πŸ™‚

I might’ve been one of the first to dismiss Robert Green, but the poor guy doesn’t deserve this. Stupid media.

Does anyone want to teach me how cricket works? Or at least what this 6’8″ man of wonder does for a living?


25 Jun

I went to the mall on my own for three hours today. Why? It’s a long story. But basically, girl in big mall for three hours. Not that hard to understand the situation right?

So there are basically a billion malls nearby. This is my favorite. It has every store ever. All those stores girls are supposed to like. I mean seriously. It is supposed to be like freaking heaven.



I hit up Old Navy. I love that store. It has like all the basics, and it’s really cheap. But I got a couple things from there two weeks ago, and so I didn’t need to get anything from that place. I probably won’t have to for a very long time. I’m pretty much ready for life in terms of tees and tanks from that place. And occasionally something nifty.

So then I went to Sephora. I like to walk in there just to look around and be like “who the fuck spends $100+ on makeup?” and maybe try something on. I mean I love all the stuff they have there, but sorry I don’t believe in paying that much for makeup! Just saying. But they had this really cute little Benefit sampler set and it was like ten bucks. So I got it. And now I feel badass because I bought something from Sephora. WOW I am so cool. It’s okay though, it was worth it. Unlike everything else in that store. BUT I’ll tell you what that store is good for. Go in with bare nails and paint your nails ten different colors. Funness.

I was gonna go to the Gap, but I really hate that place. Yeah. It’s unnecessary. I love how the Gap company owns Old Navy, the Gap, and Banana Republic. It’s like three levels of specialness. FUCK THE GAP AND BANANA REPUBLIC, I’M GOING TO OLD NAVY.


I went into a lot of shops I don’t usually go into with my parents. Like I went to the Body Shop. I don’t know why. I don’t really like that place. I never have. But apparently they have good skincare products. But I wouldn’t know. Because I would never shop there. Ummmm. I don’t know why I’m still talking about it. I don’t think anything in there smells particularly amazing either.

Okay so then I go to Nordstrom. HAHA yeah. I don’t know why. This Nordstrom had a Mac counter inside! Strange. I looked around. It wasn’t interesting. I left.

Then I went upstairs.

OKAY OKAY so this mall has an apple store inside. I was super excited to see the iPhone 4. Just because. LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING ABOUT THAT PHONE. The freaking screen is just so… irresistible. Mmmmmm. You just want to touch it. Like hot damn. It’s so beautiful. SO PWETTY. SO SO SO amazing. And it has a better accelerometer. Like when it changes from portrait to landscape, the transition is a lot smoother. The camera on that thing is incredible. Yeah. And then I tried out the iPad, which I really am unimpressed with… ha, seriously. I don’t like the iPad whatsoever.

Then I went to forever 21. I KNOW, IF THERE’S A FOREVER 21 IN A MALL, A GIRL JUST HAS TO GO THERE. I freaking see everyone carry that damn yellow bag. I get things from there regularly, but it’s been a while. I was talking to Emily about this. Forever 21 is one of those stores. I swear, everything looks like SHIT on the rack, but you have to try it on and then you find a diamond in the rough. But seriously, you have absolutely no idea if you’re looking at something that would look good on you or something that would look like shit. Because they all look like shit on a hanger.

I got two things from there πŸ™‚

Then it was on to American Eagle. I don’t really like AE anymore. AND LET ME CLARIFY, I have never ever ever ever liked Abercrombie/Abercrombie & Fitch. I had one shirt from that store ever, and it was a present from a friend for my thirteenth birthday. I think that was the only reason I found it cute and wore it a lot. But I hate stores that sell preppy clothing. I’m not the biggest fan of AE, but I shop there.

I picked up a $3 top. Mostly because it was $3.

I went to the windows store. I think that place is a total ripoff of the apple store, but I still love it. There was this really cute netbook that doubles as a tablet PC. Yeah, that thing was really cool.

BATH AND FREAKING BODY WORKS. I love that store like none other. They have sinks for you to wash your hands with freaking the most luxurious smelling soaps ever. And then you can test out only a bajillion different scents of lotions and creams and whatnot. AHHHH. Bliss. I didn’t get anything, though I wanted to. But I refrained. I’m trying to resist temptation.

I don’t know why I just typed up this really long rundown of my shopping escapades today.

I ended my day in the food court. Rubio’s fish tacos. Ummm amazing much? Yeah. Except I was on my ipod and on my phone and eating and food was falling out of my mouth and I just looked super unglamorous and frumpy and gross. But fuck public opinion.

I think I’m going to post something about stores that I like/don’t like (vs. popular teenage girl consensus) someday. When I feel rant-y I suppose.

Totally just realized I forgot to title this post.

24 Jun

Emily told me to stop talking about the world cup because my loyal reader(s) don’t like reading these longass blog posts about it.

Sorry, I’ll compress it all into one longass paragraph and if you don’t want to read it, just skip the really long paragraph about it πŸ˜€

I don’t actually have that much to say. I’ve been turning to twitter to release a lot of those thoughts. Basically, I think Argentina looks like they’re the best so far. The US match yesterday was AMAZING, and basically from here on out they have a way easy path to the semifinals, which is kinda ridiculous but yeah, we’ll see if they’re able to capitalize. England pulled it together for one desperately-needed victory, but Rooney still looks like shit and the rest of the team is just not where they need to be. And I feel for Rooney because that man is trying so hard, but he’s still kinda playing with an injury, and he just can’t get the monkey off his back. And I’m still waiting for someone on that team to show up and be like “bitch we’re fighting for this.” SO FAR, I think Terry’s doing the best at his job because every time the opponent is in the box, BAM there he is, kicking the ball away. I love that guy, he shouldn’t have lost the captain’s armband for something that has to do with his personal life, though I’m not condoning him cheating on his wife with a really ugly gold digger -_- NOW GERMANY HAFIO;WER;AWE okay no. I don’t know what’s up with them. Ozil and Schweinsteiger looked bad after yesterday’s match. Ankle and hamstring injuries, respectively. They better be fit for play on Sunday. Oh yeah… ENGLAND AND GERMANY THAT’S JUST GAY. That’s a match I’d like to see in the quarterfinals, not the round of 16. I don’t want either to go! But since one of them has to go, I’m rooting for Germany, sorry. Tomorrow, Brazil and Portugal make the round of 16. Denmark sucked today, I don’t even know what happened. FUCK THE ITALIANS, they’re going home, and it is damn good riddance. I hate them so much. Watching that match today PISSED ME OFF. Like when they get desperate, they get desperate. I feel for the Slovakian goalkeeper… I MEAN THAT ITALIAN GUY JUST GOES UP AND BASICALLY BULLIES HIM SO OF COURSE THE GK HAD THE RIGHT TO PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE. THAT’S WHAT ANYONE WOULD DO. FREAKING DOUCHEBAGS. AND CANNAVARO COMES OVER AND STARTS YELLING OBSCENITIES… like goodness. I hate those guys. And they’re terribly theatrical divers. Italians and Portuguese. I DO NOT LIKE THEM. AT ALL.

Nothing has been happening much in my life.

Today I realized my wallet was starting to get really heavy again, so I emptied out the change compartment and found $7.48 worth of change inside. Gooooodness, I need to start using that shitttttt up.

Yesterday I went to CVS and I got a true red lipstick. I wore it today. I don’t think I’m ever wearing that shade in public. It is so… intimidating. Goodness! I tried to wash it off but it stained my lips pretty well… haha and they last when you don’t want them to. And I picked up this topcoat, which has been amazing.

HAHAHAH OKAY so the other day Emily and I drove next door to our neighboring town. Well I drove and Emily sat beside me in mortification. I needed to go to Sally’s Beauty Supply to pick up some good nail polish thinner. “Why don’t you just get it somewhere nearby?” WELL I’M SORRY NO STORES HERE CARRY GOOD NAIL POLISH THINNER OKAY 😦 So I looked up directions, but they were wrong. As usual. And it was in this ghetto little corner of this Vons shopping center. It was just scary. And Emily thought I was gonna get the two of us killed.

For the record, we both got stuff from the store, okay?

And then when we were driving back I totally drove the wrong direction… MY BAD.

It’s okay, Emily’s droid phone came to our rescue! YES! GPS! WITH SPOKEN DIRECTIONS BY AN AUTOMATED FEMALE VOICE!!


“Annie, my phone says it’s a dead end ahead — oh look, it’s a dead end…”

HAHAHHAHAHA my bad. IT’S OKAY MAN, you make a U-turn and you drive the other way until you get back to where you started from! That’s the kind of mentality in that kind of situation πŸ™‚ I should’ve realized we were going the wrong way after we passed a bunch of streets that we didn’t see on our way to the store hehe.

Thankfully, we didn’t die. Yay!

That’s about as much adventure as I can handle right now.

I just heard a killer bird flying by. It was like yelling at me. Like it wants to peck my eyeballs out. I hate birds!

Summer plans. I have them. Not really. Sara has class at UCLA for six weeks, Emily and Kels are leaving for FRANCE! next Thursday (and they promise to get me something in London hehe preferably something Joe Hart-related?), I’m making my long-awaited return to the Asian continent in mid-August. Grrrr so our hang out time was just boxed into the first two weeks of August. Sadness 😦 But I do wish that they all have fun on their adventures! AS WELL AS ANY OF YOU WHO ARE TAKING FUN TRIPS, OR EVEN IF YOU’RE STAYING HOME. I hope you all have an amazing summer!

Speaking of which,

So if most if your family is not in Asia, you won’t understand what I’m about to say, but basically if you’re Chinese/Filipino/Indian/etc. your parents make you visit your extended family in China/the Philippines/India/etc. after you graduate and everyone throws parties in your honor and it’s just a big fucking deal that you were not a disappointment for your family and you’re going to a nice four-year like Harvard or Berkeley. (Sorry, that makes it sound like you have a wider range of acceptable colleges, but basically you’re looking at Harvard or Berkeley, which for some reason all Asians know as well as Harvard.) Since I’m going back THIS year, I’m spared that trip for NEXT year. Which means I can spend that summer traveling somewhere else, hopefully. Somewhere like Europe πŸ™‚