Twists and turns.

2 Jun

In one of my older posts, I talked about 90210 and how almost tediously twisty and turny it is. Shitttt I feel like they’re never gonna run out of storylines with that show.

(Oh, and I totally predicted everything that was going to happen in the season finale. The whole thing at the end with Naomi? Pshhh, the writers were just setting that up. And rather poorly, I might add! I feel like they got done filming the previous eps and then suddenly decided, “Wow, let’s make Mr. Cannon into a pervy perv for reals, nobody’s going to see it coming!” …oh goodness, how predictable can they be.)

This summer on ABC Family, a show called Pretty Little Liars is coming out; it is, of course, based on a series of teen fic novels that teenage girls have been feverishly reading for a few years. And of course, they all picture themselves as the characters blah blah become immersed blah blah and now they super hate on the actresses that were cast in the roles.

I saw a preview for the show. Shitttt son it looks good.

So I go on wikipedia to look it up. Obviously the show doesn’t premier until the summer, so I didn’t find any details on the show’s plot, but I looked up the summaries of the books.

HAHAHA W-O-W. Possibly worse than 90210.

I love how Yves Saint Laurent has a perfume called Opium. So… attractive.

So on facebook there’s been the whole “if you like this status I’ll tell you what I like about you” thing. Some people don’t like it. Yeah, I mean my wall’s been a little flooded for a while with compliments for other people, but I really like it. More optimism, right? And you actually post on other people’s walls with positive comments. I don’t know, I just think that’s a really nice thing to do. So I did it.

It’s really sad going through comments on some music videos on youtube. Like I’m currently watching Michelle Branch’s music video for “Breathe.” A lot of people are talking about how the song was familiar, like they remember hearing it from a movie. -_-

Bitch please, I listened to this song when it was on the radio. Kids these days.

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