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The Sixth Sense.

7 Jun

Damnnnn I watched that shit today. Crazy stuff.

Haley Joel Osment as his best, right right?!

Like before he got all stereotypical kid star and got arrested for DUI and stuff.


And it’s sad because I was watching the special features, and the interviews with him… my goodness you could not tell the kid was 10 or 12 or however old he was at the time. His vocabulary was probably greater back then than it is now.

Like I watched the special features for Secondhand Lions, and he did not sound as mature, despite his deepening voice. How sad!

And shiiiiiit if you remember him in like the 2 minutes of Forrest Gump at the very end. FREAKING ^#&%^@ so adorable


I was reminded of Liam Aiken.

I used to be in love with this kid.

In case you don’t recognize him, he played Klaus Baudelaire in the film adaptation of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events a few years back. Or if you like the movies that end up on Lifetime (like me!), you might recognize him from Stepmom.

I like loved him the minute I saw him…duh.

Well now he’s 20 and enrolled at NYU in film (no surprise) and blah blah

This kid was gonna play Cole in The Sixth Sense, except like his mom didn’t think it was appropriate or something. And the director of Stepmom was Chris Columbus. Ring a bell? He didn’t sail the ocean blue in 1492, but he did direct the first Harry Potter film.

Yeahhhh, this kid was gonna be Harry Potter.

I’m giving you guys so much trivia right now.

IFFFF you didn’t know this, before the current HP series that everyone knows came out, there were plans for a US series, and the project was to be headed by Steven Spielberg. Except then JK Rowling decided she wanted Brits as actors, so that got scrapped. But yes, Liam Aiken was going to be Harry Potter.

I’m kind of curious as to how that would’ve ended up.

I don’t know the purpose for this post. I guess I just really wanted to share all that I know about these two random child actors…

Hhahahaa Pretty Little Liars premiering tomorrow night. I’m listening to the commercial for it as I type.

I feel like instant addiction fo seriousssss. It’s my kind of show yo. Y’know.


No homo.

Goodbye to you.

7 Jun

On private for a reason. Buuuuuuuut let me know your youtube username if you want to see.

It was easier to sum up everything in a video because I’m tired of words on a page or on a screen. I’ve lost my faith in what they are able to convey.

I’m okay, I think. I’ve been better, but things are going to get better, okay?