10 Jun

I hate them 😦

I used to love the monkey bars, but then I started getting those really painful, huge blisters on my palm. And so I stopped. Even now, I want to go on monkey bars, but I can’t because my palms start getting all retarded right away.


I’ve been getting them from my guitar lately. Because I’ve been spending a lot of quality time with it. I have them on my left ring and pinky fingers, as well as the left side of my left thumb. (A lot of lefts. My physics teacher, a lefty, would be proud. But at the very least I’m glad I’m not left handed right now!)

The school year is super duper close to wrapping up, so I’m going to begin my end-of-schoolyear reflection soon.

There is so much to talk about that I cannot even fathom the idea of putting them all in words. But as always, I will try my darndest.

Annie does not make half-assed attempts.

Almost time 🙂 ENGLAND VS USA TOMORROW! Haaaaaaa yeah I don’t think so. Sorry, the US team does not look nifty.

I think I’m going to blog daily about the World Cup. People who don’t watch soccer should watch this… I mean come on. The whole world is literally watching. Nothing brings people together like a huge sporting event. And this is probably the biggest.

I love the comments on that video. People from every corner of the world can put their differences aside for a month and watch a good game of soccer. It’s beautiful 🙂

Oh, that Shakira. HAHAHAH I used to make fun of this song all the time. But I kind of like it now. It’s very catchy. By now, autotune has really lost its ability to repulse me. As long as everything sounds pitch perfect.

I remember my friend once remarked that Shakira sounds like a Latina country singer. LOL

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