Group of Death?

15 Jun

I can see why they say that now.

I think Group G is like Group F, but with more heavy-hitters. Group F has Italy and then 3 other teams that are all about the same. Except none of them are really good, at least not contenders from what I’ve seen.

Group G is like… LOL really. Obviously Brazil is going to be tops. It would be shameful if they weren’t. Then, you’ve got Ivory Coast, Portugal, and North Korea. I thought Portugal was going to be second, easy. I don’t know though.

From what I saw of North Korea today… dayummmmmm they have game. Really happy with how they played today.

We’ll go chronologically today in the order that the games were played. No, I didn’t watch the live games that were played when I was still catching some z’s. I woke up at 10, fuck it. But I watched replays okay?! THANK YOU ESPN3

New Zealand/Slovakia. Ehhh you know… I didn’t really care for this match. Kinda whatever for me. But congrats to Winston Reid for the first goal for New Zealand. Hahahah yeah that’s really good for them. Slovakia’s goal was really good too. Yeah, I know, I don’t have much – if anything – to say about this match. Mostly because I don’t think either of these teams are gonna make it past the group stage.

Portugal/Ivory Coast. I feel like most people would choose Portugal as a favorite to get past the group stage with Brazil in Group G. But after this match, in which Ivory Coast outplayed the Portuguese… yeah, Portugal no more. I never liked them. I think the Portuguese team is whiny and notorious for being overly dramatic/diving. Oh wait, that’s Cristiano Ronaldo, who is like the only person on the team who can play worth shit anyways. Based on today’s match, Portugal might even face a disappointing early exit.

Brazil/North Korea. I think without a doubt everyone was looking forward to seeing this Brazilian team in action. Duh, they’re the favorites. They’re always the favorite. However COMMA they did not do so hot today. Yeah, they scored two goals, but I was kind of pleasantly surprised by how well the North Koreans held out the first half. This is a team that hasn’t played in the World Cup for over 40 years. There’s not much known about them, so who knows? They could’ve come out and kicked major Brazilian ass even. So I’m glad I watched the match. The two Brazilian goals were both very, very nice. As was the goal by North Korea. I was basically going to consider North Korea out of Group G right away, but after this match, I don’t know. They might play well against Portugal and Ivory Coast. Their defense is so tight in the goal box unless the other team breaks away. I can understand Brazil winning against them, but Portugal and Ivory Coast not so much. I would like to see North Korea advance to the round of sixteen.

Brazil is definitely going to be a tough challenger for the cup. If Germany keeps dominating and stays first place in its group, which it most likely will, Brazil won’t be a problem until later on in the tournament, thank God.

Spain… hm… tomorrow. I’m curious. They’re supposed to be the favorites, even ahead of Brazil. I want to see them play.

Those vuvuzela things are starting to piss me off. Seriously, do they never get tiring? I understand the culture. But like… really. Really. Really. So fucking annoying. Even the fucking players are now peeved. I don’t even know how many filters they need to use to remove the sound entirely, because I can still hear the fucking buzzing sound as I watch my perfectly awesome game of soccer.


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