My World Cup fever has died down a little.

19 Jun


Germany had their asses handed to them yesterday.

Well, not really. But after they fell behind a point in the first half, they never recovered. Oh, yeah, and they fucking lost Klose. Two yellow cards in like 30 (or was it 40) minutes? Sent off, suspended for two games. That’s such a huge blow to this young German team.

That ref was way too trigger-happy. I mean you can’t just hand out yellow cards for every little offense. And those offenses were little. I didn’t see the first yellow that Klose got, but the second was SUCH BULLSHIT. Like really, seriously… yeah. It was a foul. Not some shitastically malicious tackle. For the record, I also think he touched the ball, and last time I checked as long as a player touches the ball with the intention of getting it from the opponent, yellow cards don’t happen. Wait… I’m not even explaining it right. Like obviously you can still get a yellow card if it was unnecessarily violent, but COME ON. ANYONE WITH A PAIR OF EYES CAN SEE THAT THAT DID NOT WARRANT A YELLOW CARD.

I would also like to address the fact that Lukas freaking Podolski freaking missed a freaking penalty kick. Germany does not miss penalty kicks. I don’t even know WHAT happened there. I mean all match he was just OFF. He’s rarely off when he plays with the national team. If he didn’t think he could make it, because like I said he played badly all match, he should’ve let Schweinsteiger take the shot.

A tied game would’ve been bad but still way better than a loss.

Instantly group D has become the group of death. With a tie today, Ghana is now top in the group, followed by Germany and Serbia – tied with 3 points each – and Australia (1 point). Germany plays Ghana next Wednesday. They have boxed themselves in a situation where they must win the match. I have no doubt in their abilities to do so, but that’s just a lot of pressure. HOWEVER, I think pressure helps them play better. They’re just that kind of team.

But I still think losing Klose is just HUGE HUGE HUGE for Germany. That’s the biggest repercussion of the match. Personally, I don’t think the losing part was as big of a deal. Because like… Serbia’s a solid team. The players underestimated them. I’m pretty sure the coach knew that Serbia could win, but the players were kind of just like whatever. But yeah, like I said, I don’t think the loss is a huge problem for Germany. Just sayin’.


WHAT THE FUCK. I don’t know what’s wrong with the English team. They’re falling apart, though I must say they are not nearly as bad off as France is. But still. I mean, I seriously have no idea what the problem is. I figure Capello’s constant switching of players and positions has something to do with it. Come on, you’re the head coach. Make a decision and stick with it. When you switch goalkeepers and substitute other players and switch around your whole tactical setup every match, it’s just not encouraging for your players.

And I personally have a problem with Capello since he really likes to criticize Germany. It’s like “shit man look at your own team for a sec please, realize you are unraveling shamefully already.”


I’m watching Denmark play Cameroon right now. That first goal by Cameroon made me shake my head. Like what the fuck is Denmark doing?!

And then Bendtner scored that goal โค faith restored

Hehehe I actually had a very eventful day yesterday so I couldn’t post my daily World Cup analysis/summary/thoughts.

I woke up early in the morning to catch the end of the Germany/Serbia game. I was disappointed -_- I drove to school to talk to my apush teacher about a mas grande problem, and then I went to see my physics teacher about my grade on the final.

When I first went in his room, there was this other kid there, and he was talking to my teacher about guns. Because guys like to talk about guns? I don’t know. My teacher offered me a sugar-free muffin, and since I didn’t eat breakfast, I took one. But it tasted like shit. I ate it anyways. (Story of my life.) This other girl comes in and she’s like, “Can I see my grade on the final?” And I was like OH YEAH ME TOO!!!! Duh, that’s the only reason I would go in that early. And he told me I aced it. And I cried and jumped in excitement. And then I drove home and ! Yeah.

I ditched advisement and second period. Well not really. My mommy let me. So it wasn’t like I was really ditching. I went to Chipotle with mommy and got a burrito and chips and guacamole. Because lately I’ve been absolutely ADDICTED to guacamole.

I went to third then hung out with Emily then went home. Then I had to take my sister to her school’s carnival. That was kinda fun though, so yeah.

And then Emily and I went to see The Backup Plan.

I don’t know why the reviews are so bad. I mean I thought it was a bitchin movie. IT WAS SO FUNNY OMG OMG OMG. The guy was really cute. Ummmm my favorite line was like after they had like crazy sex in the cheese barn and the guy’s like,

“Is my nose bleeding? You punched me.”

Okay, well I do know why the reviews were so bad. The movie was really boring in terms of plot and painfully predictable, but it made me laugh. Like after the nose bleeding line, Emily and I were laughing for like two minutes.

Everyone else in the theater was like 50. It was gross.



Dude. Alex Pettyfer gained 12-15 pounds of muscle for this movie. That’s in addition to the however many pounds of sexiness he already has on that bod. W-O-W

Goodness that man is beautiful. In the preview there’s this part with him doing pullups without his shirt on. Dude. Dude. Dude. But yeah it’s a modern Beauty and the Beast kind of story. He gets all ugly, like he had to shave his head for the role ๐Ÿ˜ฆ And then he has to find someone to love him. Like I would wtf yeah duh gosh

Oh so he’s gonna be in this movie next year called I Am Number Four. Ummm he’s supposed to be an alien. Timothy Olyphant plays his guardian person!!! โค dude this movie is so on my to-watch list. And the chick that plays Quinn on Glee is going to play the female lead, the object of Pettyfer’s character’s affection. Lucky bitch.

This was a sufficiently long post.

I’m going to end it now ๐Ÿ™‚

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