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A year and going strong…oops.

20 Jun

I’ve had my phone for a year. No major problems. I mean I’ve abused this thing quite a bit, but it hasn’t quite let me down yet.

However, the other night while I was watching The Backup Plan with Emily, I was sending out a quick text and I realized the keys weren’t working. And then I realized today that it only has one bar, and I charged it yesterday afternoon and didn’t even touch it for the last 24 hours.


I’m sad. I’m hoping it’s a simple battery problem, in which case I’ll order a replacement off amazon, no big deal. I’m hoping it’s not something more serious! Because then I’ll start to regret all those times I mistreated the poor thing.

The All-Whites tied Italy today 😀 That was a good game. Hahhahah I’m proud to support the underdogs, except when it comes to Germany, sorry! New Zealand played well. I think they have a lot of potential.



HAHAHAHHA WTF IS GOING ON OVER THERE? So today one of the trainers got in a fight with the team captain. The trainer quit on the spot. You can find the video. He’s chucking his little badge thing and he’s just so fed up. It’s absolutely hilarious. Then, the team’s director announced that the guy had quit, and then the director announced his own resignation.

I mean there is just some major dramarama going on in the French camp. I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with them. They were fucking lucky to make the finals in the first place. I mean, look at Ireland. They should’ve made it. And they’re sitting at home thinking about how France basically is wasting the luckiest break they’ve gotten. Seriously? Really France, really? I feel like the leaders in that team should not have encouraged everyone to sit out practice. They need to put aside their differences and freaking win a game and freaking add some substance to all that bullshit they talk about being winners.

Just saying.

Also, the Kaka red card today was absolutely ridiculous. Well it wasn’t really a red, it was two very quick yellows. But yeah… HAHA I saw that coming. You could tell the Ivory Coast players were getting more frantic. I don’t know what the ref was doing. That Ivory Coast player sucks at acting, but he still convinced the ref. Seriously man. The guy got a slight little shove in the chest, and he’s grabbing his face like his eyes were just poked out. Ummmm yeahhhh no. I’m blind, and I saw it.



My dad is like… haha I don’t even know. We don’t always get along, and we have plenty of differences. But it’s amazing how we relate and how similar we are. He’s one of the smartest people I know, if not THE smartest person I know. His life has been a life of great potential. He’s lived up to most of it, and the only times he didn’t was when it was out of his reach. He’s beaten most of the odds… I mean nobody expected him to be where he’s at. He grew up some poor Chinese boy, another face in the crowd. He walked miles and miles to school, and he managed to test his way into one of the top colleges in China with his determination alone. He moved his family to the United States, a foreign country where he had no friends or family, for me, to give me the chances that he never had. He was ecstatic to be accepted as a foreign student at Mississippi State when he could’ve gotten into all the top colleges in the country with his intelligence had he been an American. I don’t know anyone who works harder for everything. He’s not perfect though. He thinks he knows everything too, and it’s really funny watching him struggle when he doesn’t because he just reminds me of myself even more. We are both extremely stubborn people. But I still emulate everything he’s accomplished. And for that, I wish him a very, very happy Father’s Day.