Totally just realized I forgot to title this post.

24 Jun

Emily told me to stop talking about the world cup because my loyal reader(s) don’t like reading these longass blog posts about it.

Sorry, I’ll compress it all into one longass paragraph and if you don’t want to read it, just skip the really long paragraph about it 😀

I don’t actually have that much to say. I’ve been turning to twitter to release a lot of those thoughts. Basically, I think Argentina looks like they’re the best so far. The US match yesterday was AMAZING, and basically from here on out they have a way easy path to the semifinals, which is kinda ridiculous but yeah, we’ll see if they’re able to capitalize. England pulled it together for one desperately-needed victory, but Rooney still looks like shit and the rest of the team is just not where they need to be. And I feel for Rooney because that man is trying so hard, but he’s still kinda playing with an injury, and he just can’t get the monkey off his back. And I’m still waiting for someone on that team to show up and be like “bitch we’re fighting for this.” SO FAR, I think Terry’s doing the best at his job because every time the opponent is in the box, BAM there he is, kicking the ball away. I love that guy, he shouldn’t have lost the captain’s armband for something that has to do with his personal life, though I’m not condoning him cheating on his wife with a really ugly gold digger -_- NOW GERMANY HAFIO;WER;AWE okay no. I don’t know what’s up with them. Ozil and Schweinsteiger looked bad after yesterday’s match. Ankle and hamstring injuries, respectively. They better be fit for play on Sunday. Oh yeah… ENGLAND AND GERMANY THAT’S JUST GAY. That’s a match I’d like to see in the quarterfinals, not the round of 16. I don’t want either to go! But since one of them has to go, I’m rooting for Germany, sorry. Tomorrow, Brazil and Portugal make the round of 16. Denmark sucked today, I don’t even know what happened. FUCK THE ITALIANS, they’re going home, and it is damn good riddance. I hate them so much. Watching that match today PISSED ME OFF. Like when they get desperate, they get desperate. I feel for the Slovakian goalkeeper… I MEAN THAT ITALIAN GUY JUST GOES UP AND BASICALLY BULLIES HIM SO OF COURSE THE GK HAD THE RIGHT TO PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE. THAT’S WHAT ANYONE WOULD DO. FREAKING DOUCHEBAGS. AND CANNAVARO COMES OVER AND STARTS YELLING OBSCENITIES… like goodness. I hate those guys. And they’re terribly theatrical divers. Italians and Portuguese. I DO NOT LIKE THEM. AT ALL.

Nothing has been happening much in my life.

Today I realized my wallet was starting to get really heavy again, so I emptied out the change compartment and found $7.48 worth of change inside. Gooooodness, I need to start using that shitttttt up.

Yesterday I went to CVS and I got a true red lipstick. I wore it today. I don’t think I’m ever wearing that shade in public. It is so… intimidating. Goodness! I tried to wash it off but it stained my lips pretty well… haha and they last when you don’t want them to. And I picked up this topcoat, which has been amazing.

HAHAHAH OKAY so the other day Emily and I drove next door to our neighboring town. Well I drove and Emily sat beside me in mortification. I needed to go to Sally’s Beauty Supply to pick up some good nail polish thinner. “Why don’t you just get it somewhere nearby?” WELL I’M SORRY NO STORES HERE CARRY GOOD NAIL POLISH THINNER OKAY 😦 So I looked up directions, but they were wrong. As usual. And it was in this ghetto little corner of this Vons shopping center. It was just scary. And Emily thought I was gonna get the two of us killed.

For the record, we both got stuff from the store, okay?

And then when we were driving back I totally drove the wrong direction… MY BAD.

It’s okay, Emily’s droid phone came to our rescue! YES! GPS! WITH SPOKEN DIRECTIONS BY AN AUTOMATED FEMALE VOICE!!


“Annie, my phone says it’s a dead end ahead — oh look, it’s a dead end…”

HAHAHHAHAHA my bad. IT’S OKAY MAN, you make a U-turn and you drive the other way until you get back to where you started from! That’s the kind of mentality in that kind of situation 🙂 I should’ve realized we were going the wrong way after we passed a bunch of streets that we didn’t see on our way to the store hehe.

Thankfully, we didn’t die. Yay!

That’s about as much adventure as I can handle right now.

I just heard a killer bird flying by. It was like yelling at me. Like it wants to peck my eyeballs out. I hate birds!

Summer plans. I have them. Not really. Sara has class at UCLA for six weeks, Emily and Kels are leaving for FRANCE! next Thursday (and they promise to get me something in London hehe preferably something Joe Hart-related?), I’m making my long-awaited return to the Asian continent in mid-August. Grrrr so our hang out time was just boxed into the first two weeks of August. Sadness 😦 But I do wish that they all have fun on their adventures! AS WELL AS ANY OF YOU WHO ARE TAKING FUN TRIPS, OR EVEN IF YOU’RE STAYING HOME. I hope you all have an amazing summer!

Speaking of which,

So if most if your family is not in Asia, you won’t understand what I’m about to say, but basically if you’re Chinese/Filipino/Indian/etc. your parents make you visit your extended family in China/the Philippines/India/etc. after you graduate and everyone throws parties in your honor and it’s just a big fucking deal that you were not a disappointment for your family and you’re going to a nice four-year like Harvard or Berkeley. (Sorry, that makes it sound like you have a wider range of acceptable colleges, but basically you’re looking at Harvard or Berkeley, which for some reason all Asians know as well as Harvard.) Since I’m going back THIS year, I’m spared that trip for NEXT year. Which means I can spend that summer traveling somewhere else, hopefully. Somewhere like Europe 🙂

One Response to “Totally just realized I forgot to title this post.”

  1. fiddledd510 June 25, 2010 at 10:19 am #

    You’re posts are so entertaining and funny! I am so reminded of my high school years. Keep it up!

    PS. I totally understand your frustration with the violin. Been there, done that.

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