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26 Jun

I went to watch Disney’s Oceans today.

Okay, so my friend was like “why would you watch that if you’re afraid of oceans?”

WELL, mister, I am rather interested by the ocean.

Now, I don’t like still satellite images of the ocean. Or still images of most creatures — fine, all creatures. Or images of Earth from the international space station.

BUT I find the ocean to be absolutely fascinating. It houses all these animals, and it’s so vast, and it’s so endless, and it’s just many kinds of amazing. I know that’s kind of the same reason why I don’t like the ocean, but when have I ever really made sense as a person?

I didn’t learn anything new at all from this documentary. It’s all basic stuff that you learn in your high school biology class, nothing especially surprising. It spotlights a lot of marine life that most people wouldn’t know off the tops of their heads.

The most incredible thing about the movie is how visually stunning it is. Like I don’t know how they got a lot of the footage.

And there were otters and seals and baby sea turtles and dolphins!


It was a pretty good movie. Check it out of you can find a theater that’s still showing it 🙂

I might’ve been one of the first to dismiss Robert Green, but the poor guy doesn’t deserve this. Stupid media.

Does anyone want to teach me how cricket works? Or at least what this 6’8″ man of wonder does for a living?