Raw almonds own my soul.

28 Jun

Like they’re just so amazing. I freaking love almonds. They’re my favorite nut. Peanuts are gross. Pistachios are gross. Pecans are okay, but they are not nearly as amazing as almonds.

I feel so retarded for gushing about how much I love almonds right now.

Saw the trailer for HP7 today. I AM SO EXCITED. I don’t really get excited about new release movies anymore, but I am excited about this one. It’s kind of like… this is one of those things that defines our generation. How can I not be one of the first to see it? It’s the end of an era, you know, the one that preceded vampires and werewolves fighting over some girl…

My left wrist is still bothering me. And now it’s my left shoulder too. I feel like I’m lying on it awkwardly at night when I sleep or something, but yeah. It’s really bad. I should get it checked out.

Does speed dating sound like it fun? I think it does. I was watching an allstate commercial, and it got me thinking. Fifteen minutes to get to know someone? HAHA oh gooooodness I would be the only person doing the talking.


  • The Dutch look really, really good. Like offensively and defensively. Especially defensively.
  • Argentina and Germany both have decent defense and strong offense, which makes for a really exciting game. So I’m even more excited to see this match now.
  • Now, for England. If you’re going to play in the world cup, get that domestic shit out of your head. You can go back to your club teams and play later, but for a month can you just focus on the fucking task at hand? APPARENTLY NOT. Capello needs to go, and based on what FA leaders are saying, he’s getting the boot. You just don’t stick with something that isn’t working, but no… let’s stick with the 4-4-2 and matchups that don’t work, and let’s get some half-fit players in the game, and let’s move players that are COMFORTABLE IN THEIR USUAL POSITIONS to make room for those half-fit players, and let’s keep the youth of the team on the bench because they clearly just can’t play on an international level, even though the Germans played a good fraction of their U21 players which obviously seemed to work. Lampard, Terry, and Gerrard are going to be out in Brazil in four years, and Terry would have the best chance of making the squad only because he’s a defender, but it’s obvious he’s just not playing as well as he can. August 11: new lineup is announced for Euro 2012 before a friendly with Hungary. They better include U21 players in the senior squad. For the record, I called the whole Joe Hart needs to be number one thing. 🙂
  • Still excited to see Germany and Argentina play… haha and kind of waiting for Messi to finally score a damn goal.
  • Ummmmmm hi Netherlands please beat Brazil thx

One Response to “Raw almonds own my soul.”

  1. fiddledd510 June 29, 2010 at 5:58 am #

    I’m with ya on the raw almond thing. I eat them in replace of M&M’s when I get a hankering for something sweet.

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