The big one.

4 Jul

Wowzers, the end of the race at Daytona yesterday was kind of dramatic flipping insane. So much smoke you couldn’t even see which cars got taken out. I had to watch the post-race interviews to see all the DNFs for the race. Johnson, Martin, Newman… did Kurt Busch finish? And Tony Stewart? I have no idea. Everyone’s cars = junk.

I bet Kyle Busch was sitting there with a smile on his face watching that happen. If I were him, I would. HAHAHA especially since JPM wrecked out too.

Of course Harvick won in the end, there were no other good cars left to even finish.

I don’t even need to talk about yesterday’s matches. Super self-explanatory.

Germany owned. That’s all that needs to be said. I won’t make fun of Argentina for sucking so much, that’s just cruel (although well-deserved).

Spain… LOL so after reading all the things that all these girls want to do to Fernando Torres on WCSF, I pretty much cannot help but laugh every time I hear his name or see him play during the match. My dad thinks I’m super weird. I always randomly blurt out “NANDO!” and he’s just like “wtf is wrong with you” and it’s just awkward for a few seconds until the next time I blurt out “NANDO!”

Spain-Germany. Ha! That’s sure gonna be a crowd-pleaser. And as someone already said on WCSF, it’s gonna be absolutely orgasmic with the number of sexy players out on the field at once. (Though Spain-England would’ve been even more amazing!)

I watched these documentaries on Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard today. They’re so adorable. Especially Stevie and his kids! And Lampsy with his 🙂

Sooooooooo last night I’m on twitter and I realize kickette is flipping out because of something about Cristiano Ronaldo. Then after a little bit of digging… well supposedly the guy is now a father with “exclusive guardianship” over a newly-born baby boy.

I don’t really care because I really don’t like Ronaldo and he’s a total sleezebag, but I’ve been following the story just because kickette is making it so dramatic and fun to follow.

In this story, I just found it funny exactly how many women Ronaldo’s been with.

Like it’s one of those situations where you knew it was a lot, like a LOT, but when you really think about it, it’s even MORE than you could’ve possibly imagined.

Apparently the mom is American, and he flew over to New Jersey to arrange to move the baby to Portugal, where he’ll be raised. We don’t get to know who the mom is, and seriously she’s probably a stripper or porn star or something “embarrassing” like that. Or even some poor teenager that doesn’t want a damn baby and ended up with more than she bargained for by sleeping with a celebrity without protection, JUST SAYING.

Reportedly, Ronaldo “bedded four women in four days during the trip, having just dumped long-term Spanish girlfriend Nereida Gallardo by text message” while on a summer trip to the US last year.


What a manwhore.

He’s only slept with like… everyone.

And he’s supposedly in love with his current girlfriend, but she’s an underwear model.

Do the math.

She’s probably really hot. Just looked her up, and she’s pretty hot.

Emily texted me from France today! LOL international texts are 25 cents a piece, so that was darling of her, especially since she sent two. HAHA “europeans are proud and shameless!”

I’m so excitedddddd to hear all her tales of adventure in Europe. She says she had a hot waiter for dinner tonight. WHAT A LUCKY GIRL.

“stories of hotness condoms & football to come”


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