28 Jul

I like being obsessive. It gives me something to be passionate about, even if it means disrupting myself from reality. ESPECIALLY because it disrupts my reality. My very, very boring reality.

I rarely take initiative outside of academics. Like I will work my ass off for an A, but normally I talk about doing things, and I never get around to doing them.

THAT IS GOING TO CHANGE! Because Passive Annie is going to become Proactive Annie. I’ve sworn to myself a million times already, but this time it’s for real. Because being proactive is how I’m going to roll from now on. That means not letting life get by without at least acknowledging that I’m missing out by not doing anything.

I think the last time I actually did something I really wanted to do was go to Disneyland with Marina when she invited me. I really wanted to go, but I was close to just not going. And I’m really glad I went. I had a really good time, and it was in April with AP exams and all that shit coming up. I think it was good for the soul.

And before that, it was the Eric Hutchinson concert almost exactly a year ago. I went alone too. And I have never had a better time on my own. And now I have a picture and autographed CD to remember the occasion by. And it always makes me feel like such a loser that I was that close to not even going to the show.

Damn, I’m dense.

RM landed in LA today. They’re staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel and training twice a day on the UCLA campus… which I hope to visit next Friday.

Putas, I am being totally for real. TAKING INITIATIVE.

I watched Pretty Little Liars and Make It or Break It last night. I must admit, PLL makes me want to slap a ho because it is so dumb but so addicting. It falls into that usual trap of shows about teenagers who just don’t act anything like teenagers.

Like have you realized that?

In all these shows, the characters never do homework (unless they’re getting tutored by some hot guy), they all have cars and drive wherever the fuck they want, they party all night, etc.

Resembles real life, no?

And MIOBI made me feel so uncomfortable. I could’ve sworn Sasha and Peyson were gonna get it on LOL AND I WAS LIKE WTF HE’S HER COACH AND SHE’S LIKE 16 AND HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE 30+


I don’t like the new guy. I don’t like how the people working on the show are trying to make him into some nice guy when he basically oozes badassness. Just saying.

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