I like my guitar.

10 Oct

I think my guitar likes me too, although I do abuse it on occasion. Well, it’s not like I do it on purpose, sometimes it just feels like running into other furniture. Nothing I can do about it.

Anyways, we have a good relationship. A solid relationship. A relationship I can always count on.

Except when it comes to the F chord. My guitar refuses to allow me to learn to play an F chord. Honest to god, my inability to play an F chord stems from the guitar itself and not my willpower!

What’s new with myself?

Oh, it’s senior year so the usual. And outside of academia, it’s even more of the usual.

This drab existence of mine never ceases to bore me.

Still having the same fights with the same guy about the same things. It’s not like I try to be so picky but it’s just like ughhhhh. A year later and nothing’s changed, even though I guess technically a lot has changed. I’m just frustrated still, especially by the fact that we only have the rest of the school year to get things right. It’s annoying though; I want to spend more time with him but that’s not the vibe he’s giving off. Like he says otherwise but his actions don’t match up. -_-

I watched Ramona and Beezus with my baby sister yesterday. She didn’t even like it as much as I did! I thought it was a splendid movie. It’s rated G but I can understand why she couldn’t follow along with the stories. There were only like 4 stories going on at the same time, and my sister didn’t even grasp when the family was sad because the dad lost his job.

Joey King is going to be huge. She was so freaking adorable in this movie. I couldn’t help but giggle whenever she was on screen.

I cried from about the midway point to the end. No reason in particular, just super cute. I thought it was so adorable when Ramona does her presentation the second time and shows her class the picture that she drew with her dad.

Okay, Selena Gomez is in this movie. Get over it. I don’t think she adds much to the story, except this one part where Ramona and Beezus are both really down one night and they have a sleepover/heart-to-heart in Beezus’s room.

Is it just me or are Aunt Bea and Hobart the cutest couple in life?! Like seriously I was squealing and shit the entire time. When the box finally unearthed itself and Bea is all “omg you kept all this stuff” and he’s all “hellllll yeah will you marry me” etc. etc., I was like dying. That was seriously so freaking adorable. And meanwhile Ramona’s so pissed off because she thinks Aunt Bea is leaving her. (“He’s reeling you in like sea bass!”)

The entire theater was full of little preteens and their moms (and a few dads). I don’t think they were there for the story as much as for Selena Gomez, so I don’t think many of them liked the movie. I liked the plural storylines and the innocence. Really refreshing.


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