27 Oct

I do it. You probably do it too. I think we all do it.

My hair wasn’t gay today. I appreciate that. Thank you hair for not being gay today. Can you behave like this… everyday? That’d be nice.

Sorry, I was so busy thinking about my hair today that I totally forgot what this post was going to be about.

I just put up a new picture for my tumblr. I look particularly unattractive and outright furgly. Kinda like I’m experiencing major constipation.

I love it!

FUNNY THING in orchestra today. I kept getting vertigo, and Dennis and Chris wanted to make me feel better, so Dennis goes, “Don’t worry, I have a runny nose and it’s freaking annoying.” And then Chris goes, “Don’t worry, I’ve had hard diarrhea for the last 5 years! There must be something wrong with my digestive tract.”


Goes to show how mature I am.

I feel terrible because I should be doing work and I literally just sat in front of the computer for the last 3 hours and did nothing productive. And then I just stay up really late and ask myself why I didn’t do anything earlier. I just don’t understand how this works.

I’m not having fun anymore, and I thought this was about two people who like each other because they can have a good time together. That isn’t what it is anymore. And the more I feel this way, the easier it’ll be for me to walk away eventually.

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