25 Apr

I didn’t know what to title this post so I left it untitled. Kinda. The title is untitled, I suppose.

I just checked on Berkeley’s website and guess who has two thumbs and gets almost no credit for her hard work on AP exams during high school?

I get credits for graduation and stuff but it’s all basically elective credit… so I don’t even know what the point of all that was. Besides, of course, the great amount of education I attained in high school.

(…yeah right.)

That’s the only thing I wanted to vent about today. I guess otherwise, life’s going pretty good. This is kindaย  good because I don’t have to take four AP exams this year after all! But now I have to go get a refund which has to be approved and it’ll just be like a bleh situation.

Bright side: I get more opportunities to explore Berkeley, even though I won’t be able to take more of the classes I want to take because I’ll be loaded down with major prerequisites and breadth requirement courses.

Today was the first day back from spring break AKA worst day ever

I’m absolutely ecstatic to go to college. After visiting Berkeley, I think it’s definitely where I want to spend my next four years. It’s weird though. I’ve been so excited to head to college for a long time, and when I finally stepped onto the campus, it suddenly felt so real – real to the point where I’m scared to go. It’s so far away, as the grueling eight hour drive attested, and it’s so different from what I know.

Excitement coupled with nervousness… I believe the term I’m looking for is anxiety!

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