College: the good, the bad, and the ugly

4 Oct

I firmly believe that attempting to be eloquent is a two step process. You get rid of all the other shit that’s going on in your head and after… out pours the most beautiful contents of your brain that you could possibly think of. I have a very eloquent paper that’s due on Friday that has yet to receive any of my attention, so I guess this is my attempt to begin the eloquent-ing process.

Really, all I want to do is watch Sex and the City for the 23567325th time and go to the gym and sleep.

Here it goes.

I thought college was going to be some amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience where you meet the most incredible people of your life that you’re going to be close with forever and ever and it’ll just be like some movie. I guess since we’re not even two months into this damn experience yet, it’s too early to tell. I didn’t meet the people I got closest to in high school until sophomore, junior, and senior years. Freshman year was just such a crapshoot.

With that said, I guess I just didn’t want college to be the same waste of the first year. That’s a year of people I didn’t meet and experiences I didn’t have. A year is a long time.

I feel like the problem now is that I’m putting so much in and not getting much out.

Admittedly, Berkeley can be a very cold place sometimes. There are plenty of people who won’t rub you the right way, or you won’t rub them the right way. There are people of every which type here, I can safely say that. Determining whether or not they’re good or bad is still a work in progress.

There are certain people that immediately came off as… well… basically as useless pieces of shit. They’re actually quite intelligent and have every right to be here, but oh my goodness, there are some fucking pompous assholes here. Like honestly, take your self righteousness and shove it up your high-in-the-air nostrils. Never in my LIFE have I met so many people who think so highly of themselves. Honest to god, these people have no sense of the very concept of humility. And yes, to make you feel even better about yourself, I’ll talk shit about you in the hallway. You deserve it sweetheart! Clearly I’m just jealous of your stunning beauty and fantastic academic achievement, like everyone else on the fucking planet.

My roommate is possible to live with, but as with any other person, I’ve found qualities that are absolutely – to put it bluntly – repulsive. I’ve never met someone who is so messy. Like my mom thinks I’m a slob but no mom, you don’t know what a slob is. I did a big room cleanup this weekend and even vacuumed my side of the room. Had hers not been beyond fucked up, I would’ve bothered vacuuming hers too. She throws stuff around everywhere so no shit stuff is going to get lost, as it already has. What I hate is that she disrespects my side of the room too. My side is the side the side that you have to pass through and she’ll just dump her shit on my side and not even give a fuck about moving it over to her side. No. You can be as sloppy as you want with your side – that’s your prerogative – but NOT my side that I put in time to maintain orderly.

Another thing is I always have such a hard time getting work done when she’s in the room. Not because we’re chit chatting. She likes bringing this guy (a friend) to the room and they’ll just chat it up and it’s just kind of ridiculous. That’s not even that big of a problem because she’s usually willing to take him to another room and whatever, but when he’s here he’s also hella disrespectful. Like I was skyping with my family once and he and his friend came and they were just so fucking loud. It was plain rude. And when there aren’t people around, she listens to the most obnoxious electronica. Like honestly I used to think I liked everything but no, electronica most certainly is not my style. In fact, I hate it. It shouldn’t even exist. It’s just an excuse for people who are stoned beyond their minds to trip out on heavy bass.

The actual academia is fucking hard. I don’t understand why I’m even surprised by this. There are people who are dumb, but by the same token there are people who are absolutely brilliant. Some of them are humble about it; some of them wave it in your face with a magenta handkerchief.

I’m tired and I think I’m done ranting for today. Hopefully something productive will come out of this in my paper so I can get enough done to go to the gym after and sleep sufficiently tonight. I’m thinking of going to psychology tomorrow morning, even though it’s at 9.

My professor’s kind of cute.

One Response to “College: the good, the bad, and the ugly”

  1. Emily Du (@HeyCarlosB) October 5, 2011 at 11:25 am #

    For me, I find it hard to find people that I want to spent time with and who want to spend time with me. Sometimes I can feel myself momentarily morphing to fit others just for the sake of getting along even though it’s not really who I am. It worried me at first because everyone else seemed to have “friends” so quickly, but I got over it and am going to be patient in finding people who actually mean something to me. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sorry about the roommate disagreements; I can’t say that I know what that feels like. People who are rude or disrespectful though should not be tolerated. TERMINATION.

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