As Gavin Degraw’s voice melts my heart…

10 Oct

SWEETER IS A FANTASTIC ALBUM. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Holy crap. I’ve fallen in love again. It’s this kind of music that makes me think that love is possible. Not just love, but all good things in this world that make you feel warm and happy. Maybe even the bad. Emotion just seems raw and real again.

The weather decided it wanted to be shitty today. So much for a week of sunshine, according to! Instead, it poured and poured and poured. I got considerably wet. It’s kind of muggy too, which sucks! I mean if it’s going to pour, it should at least be cold to boot.

This weekend, a bunch of gals from my floor and I went to San Francisco. It was a packed day full of Boudin’s, Blue Angels, and…

I got my cartilage pierced! Big deal for me considering my fear of needles. I swore I’d never get anything else pierced after my earlobes in January, but I guess I went back on that. It hurt, but it wasn’t that big of a deal. I just hate aftercare more than anything, and I’ll have to hide it for the next year during interviews and stuff, but that’s okay.

I’ll confess at this point that my crush on my psychology lecturer is ballooning and at some point will probably make me do something I’ll regret. That man is just so UNFFFF

So a few weeks later, I met this guy in the laundry room. He had an accent when I talked to him, but he seemed like the quiet shy type so I didn’t really push the conversation. After all, we were doing laundry… HAHA yup, I was awkward. But I genuinely had a question so hell yeah I asked him because he was the only person in there at the time. Oh my goodness, did I think he was cute.

I’ve seen him around a few times since, but today we spoke again. (I feel like Cady Heron being a total freak about Aaron Samuels.) It was raining. (Again, I’m seeing a parallel. This is weird. I’m weird.) We talked about the rain and how I needed an umbrella. This was our conversation as we waited for the elevator to come:

Me: Dang… it’s pouring. I think I should go and get my umbrella.
Him: Yeah…
Me: Where did you just come from?
Him: *mumbling*
Me: Oh… nice…
Him: I can see how you’d think it’s a lot of rain. Where are you from?
Me: What?
Him: Where are you from?
Me: Like where do I live in the building or where geographically…?
Him: Yeah, geographically.
Me: Umm I’m from southern California
Him: Yeah… I’m from Cambridge, England. I’m kind of used to it.
Me: (internal freakout) Oh, my dad studied in England and he tells me it’s brutal there in terms of rain
Him: Yeah, this is nothing in comparison.

The elevator ride was too fast 😦 and I had to say bye, but I got his name before the door closed after I got off on my floor. His name is Liam, and he lives on the fourth floor πŸ™‚ I told him it was nice to meet him…

He stood super close to me when we were waiting for the elevator. When I told Sarah about this, she was just like OMG HE WAS SO CLOSE YOU GOT PREGNANT and I’m like fuuuuuuuuuuuck you ok it was very affectionate and beautiful

I’m really weird. Please ignore me. This is just what I wanted to find. I’m gonna creep on the fourth floor now.

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